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Bactrim Pédiatrique Posologie - Bactrim Forte - Il contient deux substances actives: le triméthoprime et le sulfaméthoxazole. En cas de diarrhée, il ne faut prendre aucun médicament inhibant le péristaltisme (mouvements de l’intestin). Qu'est-ce que c'est et comment l'utiliser ?

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  • Peter San - Improved kindle formatting. Thank you!

    I would just like to thank the people at First Aid for reformatting the 2015 Kindle edition back to the way it was last year. I have updated my review to 5 stars to reflect the fact that the content is superb as always, and now it is also much more user friendly for us eBook/Kindle users. Much appreciated!!!

  • J I Means - These are a staple in my medicine cabinet

    I suffer from allergies and sinus problems. Those headaches can be blinding. I use these patches, cut into smaller sizes, to target where my headache is and get relief faster. It is also excellent for the sore muscles, and certainly less messy than muscle relaxant creams.

  • Daniel Kang - How fitting

    The taste isn't bad, but the aftermath....is quite "haribo"; as in, you will have haribo diarrhea.