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Where to find Champix? | Chantix - Having begun this with a fairly open mind when it came to Champix - a relatively new medication - in the 14 months since I first referred to it in my book, which was the end of May 2007 when its...

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  • Jason Tanner - Good product but not for me.

    The antenna seems sturdily built. Easy to install. Uninstall can be a little tricky. The threaded part likes to get stuck. Had to use pliers to remove. I live an work on the outskirts of the city and a good distance from radio towers. So I experienced loss of radio signal and at times a complete drop of signal. This may work better for people who live closer/in the city. Overall decent product...

  • Robin Hollis - No nono

    This is just a shaver. It's not the patented technology light to slow down or stop hair regrowth. The light is just a light. I have shavers that do a better job from Walmart. Something the yes does to the hair follicles when shaving, caused me to have a lot of ingrown hairs on my chin and lip. This doesn't happen with the other shavers. That is how I know it is a result of the yes shaver.

  • Sarah - "Squat-a-Miracle"

    I bought the 9" Squatty Potty for my chronically constipated 6 year old. The day we got it, he went three times. He said, "I didn't even know I had to go!"

  • Dulcie Valusek - Owen finally gets a little spotlight

    I have always been a bit of a nut about history, specifically that of Britain and the monarchy. I have read various books and novels from the preludes to the War of the Roses and ending at the death of Elizabeth. Owen has been mentioned in many of these novels, as has Catherine, yet they have been almost glossed over as if they were simply minor characters who just happened to be around. This book was a surprisingly fun and informative read with a creative way of telling the story of the people who would be shaping the events that led to one of histories most altering events. The author found a great balance between fiction and still being able to educate the readers as to who Owen was and his part in the dynasty that was never expected to exist. I'll admit that I wasn't too fond of the whole Owen/Julliette love flip-flopping, but I also understand that in order to humanize a character who has seemingly been forgotten and only remembered because he somehow married the dowager queen mother, that he had to add to Owens life and show us the man behind the name. I have never read anything from this author before and am now seeking out more of his books in the hopes that it will not only lead me to more of this specific authors works, but to ones similar.

  • OG Sasquatch - cheap entry level video/music editing burning suite

    As title states.... I find it works well. It's not a professional or Hollywood suite of tools. If you are not very savvy in the ways of video production especially though, you don't need that. This is a simpler on than say trying to figure out Adobe Premiere with hundreds of things to learn. It also seems to work well just burning vids and discs of other types too. I bought it as a lightning deal download for 15 bucks and got photoshop 4 with it, just to see how far Roxio had come in about 10 years when I last owned their burning software. They try hard to get you to "update cheaply" to NXT2 and Photoshop Pro and etc... but I just wanted to know what this version was like

  • Amazon Customer - False advertising much?

    No butter needed.. No oil needed.. Yeah, OKAY!... Decided to make myself some eggs yesterday and was looking forward to using my new Gotham Steel... Much to my disappointment, 2 minutes into cooking I go to scramble my eggs and THEY'RE COMPLETELY STUCK TO THE DAMN PAN!!! Seriously?!? I paid $25 plus shipping for this?!? False advertising much?!?

  • sdecesare - 5 version (the age of hard disks) and this is by far the worst one ever

    There are so many defects and so many issues with this version it is NOT worth buying. I have been using FINALE since the 3.5 version (the age of hard disks) and this is by far the worst one ever. Takes them forever to update issues and when they do update, they mess up something totally. They use their customers as guinea pigs to test out their product (defects and all) so that the customer can find the problems and then hopefully fix them. Bad business practices.