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  • T. Jerry - Very interesting

    I have always bee intrigued with Australia so the action there was of significant interest. However the whole book was good. Dennis was an interesting guy. He just would not let anything go and he got the job done.

  • Rick Kattreh - What a horrible device. 5 test strips later and still not ...

    What a horrible device. 5 test strips later and still not a reading. I have the app and the device. First time out of the box and many hoops to jump through I was able to get a reading. Next morning the only thing this device could do was show the round swirly thing. Tried everything to try and get a reading. 5 test strips later and a lot of frustration, rechecked the instructions. Nothing on problems with a meter not taking input. However if you want to learn how to put a plastic sanitary bag over your phone there's an entire page dedicated to that. Absolutely unbelievable. Stay away from this device.

  • A. B. Readerson - It would make an already clean floor look dirty.

    This is a bad product. I received this as a gift from my parents who thought it would lighten my cleaning load. I cheerfully read the simple directions and got started. I couldn't help noticing that it required a great deal of effort to "mop" the floor. Also it did not do a very good job vacuuming. I continued thinking maybe It would be worth it, and I could use the workout. My tile floor in the kitchen did not get very clean. The edges were untouched by this cumbersome beast. As for my wood floor - it was left very dull having this thing smear the dirt around. It was exhausting to use and would make an already clean floor look dirty.

  • Cara - Great product. Promptly and properly shipped.

    This is a great product if you're looking for a foundation that eliminates the need for a concealer and corrects redness very well. I also like this line of cosmetics because they have anti-aging qualities. Wearing makeup is damaging to your skin so any help with anti aging elements is great.

  • Rosemary N. Taylor - Dave Frahm's book

    Another one of Dave Frahm's books that I enjoyed! Interesting facts about how our body works like a car's engine.

  • T. Francis - It didn't work too well with my system.

    I had to stop taking it on the 4th day because on the 2nd day my food was running out of me like water and I thought I would give it one more day to see if it evened out, but on the 3rd day it was the same. I read if you develop diarrhea stop it and also in the pamphlet it said you may develop diarrhea so I wasn't sure if it was expected or not. On the 4th day, I stopped it and that was my worst day as I sat in the bathroom for most of the morning and felt so weak and shaky I had to drink electrolytes to make myself feel better. I am very sensitive to all medications so this may just have been too rough for my system. I am just sharing my experience. It may work better for some.