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Country:, Europe, RU

City: 30.2642 St.-Petersburg, Russia

  • Gilly - Works fine

    I have had issues with other Virabac products, but this one works fine. My Shih Tzus fur was looking kind of greasy a few days after a shampoo. This has fixed that problem.

  • David - Very Good Sensor

    There aren't really any other options for those looking for a light weight, driverless, ergonomic mouse with a high quality sensor implementation.

  • Elizabeth - We are loyal to Clek!

    We bought this seat because we also own a Foonf for our other car. I loved that this is better for installation with a seatbelt. We have this in the back, middle seat of my husband's 2013 Ford F-150 Lariat. It fits wonderfully and is not too difficult to install. It takes up less space front to back than our Foonf and our daughter loves that she can see up and around her in this seat. It is heavy, though not as bad as the Foonf. I wouldn't recommend this for travel or if you have to move it from car to car often.

  • yauherbert - must read. easy to understand n the book is life saving! thanks.

    An easy to read book that unclutter your soul with a step by step instruction. Very inspiring n make me reread it after finishing it. the book has incorporated some important bible messages that allow non bible reader to understand the power of having the values in life.

  • Daniel C. - Love the look, but a bit tight on the fit.

    Its a bit tight when fitting the grill. Also, if you have a winch and upgraded stell bumper, you have to take those out to fit the grill.. just an FYI. My friend bought the grill too and he said there was extra plastic molding and he had to file them off. 6/10 quality.

  • Jorge B. Pisarello - the usual high quality of Waterman!!!

    I have been using Waterman pens for several years and I was never disappointed!!!, this is certainly no exception. A beautiful design and an easy and beautiful writing experience!

  • S. Malaby - .Card Studio 2011 total waste of money!

    If I could have given this card studio no stars, I would have.. I have used Hallmark for several years, always upgrading each year. For starters, the image will not fit on my screen (16" I have to restart my computer every time I want to use Hallmark then restart after I am through or the print is so small, I cannot read it, even with bifocals. The address book which I took pains to install carefully is of absolutely on help. When I try to print an envelope it scrambles the addresses and I have to look up the address and type in it manually. It often shuts down while I am making a card, then I have to start over, I have called and written with no help or, "for Pete's sake" even gotten sympathy. Here's what I hear,"We get a lot of these calls." I am through with Hallmark. Right now I am using Blue Mountain which has only a very small selection of cards. I love making cards so am on the lookout for a more reliable program. Surely there is one out there somewhere. No luck yet, though.