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  • Diane Shaneyfelt - Good

    This is a pretty good book for quick review. The CEN exam is very practical and you can get some practical pearls here. I suggest doing a little more review on cardiovascular, respiratory & shock than this book offers, but many books out there are far too in depth for the CEN exam. (Not hard. You'll do fine! :)

  • Jeff Eisenbrey - Taken hostage by the subscription. Beware!

    This was a long-term hostage taking. A couple of days, altogether, spent waiting for a human -another couple of days searching every forum we could find, and still no fix for After-Effects. $120 out the window while waiting to cancel the subscription. The "chat" session was handled by a robot. Lovely. This makes me think of the movie, Brazil. Nightmarishly impersonal bloodsucking machine of a company.

  • M. Eiden - The lights are awesome, so soothing and relaxing

    The lights are awesome, so soothing and relaxing. The oil diffuser makes a room smell so fresh, I love everything about this unit.

  • B. Vu - Great camera and cute

    Some load up issues with the app, the app seems more compatible with apple than android systems. Great camera and cute. For my 70 lb am. staff terrier and 100+lb great dane, it can get knocked over. Will have to build a stand for it.

  • Ella age 6 - Check you're dad's eyes for x Ray vision.

    Is your dad stronger than a rhino ? Is he faster than a bullet? Can he hear you even when you 're silent as a mouse? If you don't believe your dad can do that, read this book!

  • Anna Woods - Another Winner

    I received this book free for a truthful review ... good or bad. Like all of Tate/Kyle's other books, I enjoyed this one and found it entertaining. This is a new series that is an offshoot of the Ujal series. The Ujal series deal with alien merpeople, and Jarek deals with alien weredragons. Tate/Kyle certainly has a great imagination and creative ideas. Even though this might be considered a stand-alone story, I recommend reading "Dashing Through the Stars." It is only 99 cents and gives some background to the story. I also liked the Ujal series, and personally found them to be entertaining stories, so I think they too are worthwhile to read.