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  • mark - Major fail

    This version & quickbooks itself has been a horrible experience. Many small glitches that will burn up all your time with customer service on the phone trying to solve them. The customer service team does not know the product all that well. I was told to have the same functionality as my old version I would have to upgrade to the latest version. The nice thing about this is you can do it with a click of a button. That is nice just one on line button conversion. BUT, be damn sure you need to upgrade. I was advised to upgrade to $395/yr to get the same functionality as my $200/yr version. I found out a week later on one of my MANY customer service calls that, this was not true. Unfortunately to downgrade is nearly impossible. Downgrade requires you to buy a PC [I'm a mac user] or allow quickbooks to do a transfer from you new version to a lesser version. This transfer requires 10 days. You will be out of business for 10 DAYS! Why an upgrade requires a click of a button & a down grade requires you to close business for 10 days seems more like a marketing decision rather that a functionality decision. QUICKBOOKS MAKES IT EXTREMELY HARD TO DOWNGRADE. Do not tract customer service when they tell you you have to upgrade.

  • M.M. - Simple and easy to read

    My favorite parts are the practice tests inside the book and the mobile materials (for when you are on the go).

  • Karen L. Perry - total lack of quality control

    I tried - twice. Each GoPro Hero3 was defective for different reasons - first was a dramatic spot on the lens, the second was constantly crashing and never connecting. Neither was able to connect to either of my iMacs. Frequent crashes required taking out battery to restart. While i think this camera has a great little lens, it doesn't much matter what the hardware can do if the firmware constantly crashes, freezes while shooting video, (multiple times), and isn't recognized by a variety of late-model macs on the most recent OS. Lots of emails to apologetic but otherwise unhelpful tech support. If one lines it up in the light of a full moon, and holds the cable with your left hand instead of right, while holding the shutter down it will connect and even possibly take pictures, - you get the point that it's going to be a clumsy inelegant experience to own this at this particular time. I am a pro photographer, and have 2 contour HD's that i don't think shoot quite wide enough for my frequent applications, and i liked the u/w housing on the GoPro, but none of that is important if the firmware in the camera constantly proves unreliable.

  • T. Robinson - The best.

    I have two rescue dogs of my own and fostered another two dogs. Of the four, only one was house trained when they came home. Kids and Pets is easy to use, removes stains from carpet, upholstery and my work lab coat ring around the collar. I don't sense any left over smells. I order it all the time because few stores in my area carry the product.

  • michael - Works in real world test for arthritis

    My mother is taking these for arthritis and swears these work very well. She's happy and the price isn't that bad. Whatever the effect is, in a real world test, they work.

  • Debra K. Bushey - Horrible book. The fact that part of the math ...

    Horrible book. The fact that part of the math section is designated to teaching the addition and subtraction of fractions is a JOKE. Many mistakes in it and in the practice exam answers as well. I studied this book and this book only very thoroughly and did pass the exam (somehow after guessing 75% of the questions). I credit my past experience in drug compounding and my bachelor of science to my passing grade, NOT THIS BOOK. Barely any of the material from this book was on the exam.