Lines on forehead - For sophisticated women 40+ who is concerned about lines and wrinkles on forehead. What causes lines on forehead, and how confidence and self esteem can be

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  • Amazon Customer - This thing sucks! (In a good way)

    Cliff notes: works great as long as you aren't expecting performance similar to a 2 or 3 horsepower unit. Mounts to a wall with ease. Comes pre-wired to 120v, easy to rewire to 240. Packaging sucks.

  • Christina! - My Go-to!

    I use this for pole practice daily along with Tite Grip. I am an oilier person so it is very hard for me to keep my hands from slipping but the combination of the two works wonders. A little drop goes a long way and can usually last me through the majority of my session. I dont use this on my thighs or back of the knees, just my hands.

  • Stephanie Epps - Great Magazine for travel dreamers.

    Great magazine for travel dreamers. I think for the average person, the article will not see practical.

  • William Brown - I'm convinced

    I bought this product after spending some time talking to a guy that I met in the health food store. Turns out he was a PHD, and had been taking this product for years. He was so knowlegable on the product, that he convinced me to buy a bottle. During this time, my daughter had just gotten out of the hospital from having a surgery on her leg. She was in a lot of pain, and none of the pain pills that the doctor had prescribed her were helping. She feared that her leg was infected, and was wanting me to take her back to the Emergency room. Everytime I would enter her room, she would be crying. Without mentioning anything to her, I started giving her drops of Cell Food in her water, and then convinced her to wait at least 1 more day before taking her back to the hospital. One day later when I walked in her room, she not only was not crying, but the swelling on her leg had gone down, her pain had decreased to the point that she had not taken any pain medication at all, and she was actually smiling. I then helped her pack her things and sent her to her mothers house for a few days to continue to recover from the surgery. Two days later, I get a call that she had to be taken back to the hospital. Apparently, the drops were working, and when she went to stay with her mom, she wasn't using them, and all of her pain returned. So I realize that this may be a rather long review, and I haven't personally used this product yet, but in 1 day I saw that it had helped my daughter. She wasn't eating any food, and only drinking water along with taking pain pills at the time. I am convinced that this product is what helped her. I had her mom take the Cell Food up to the hospital, and starting today she will be back on the drops...I will report the results at a future time. Hope this review has helped.

  • Eddie - this mouse is great! I would talk about this mouse nonstop to ...

    The Finalmouse is a bit overpriced for what you actually get. But coming from a G303, this mouse is great! I would talk about this mouse nonstop to people, like people who don't stop talking about Breaking Bad, if it were priced a bit cheaper.

  • Anonymous - Great product!

    I have tried many volumizing hairsprays. Some were too "wet" & did not work as advertized & others made my hair look "unmovable." My experience with this one has been great. It really works and has not made my hair look "unmovable" as long as I do not use too much. This is the best of the volumizing hairspray I have tried. Both the spray & play and the spray & play harder are very good products.