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  • brett - A piece of sandpaper would be far better than this

    Buy a dremel. This thing has no power whatsoever, A piece of sandpaper would be far better than this. If you apply any pressure whatsoever it stops rotating or come out of the bracket holding it in place. I'm really hoping i can return this after using it one time and being shocked at how poor its operation is.

  • Dangs - Would be a five star product if it created more suds

    Burt's Bees rarely disappoints with their products, and this is another great one. Gets our toddler nice and clean, he doesn't seem to have any issues with the shampoo and it has never caused him any irritation or skin issues. The product also lasts for quite a while, which is nice and helps to offset some of the cost.

  • P. Sagues - New Epson ink model really makes sense

    This is the second one I have purchased recently, so I clearly liked the first one. The second one is just the same. What is stunning is the ink capacity (duh) which completely changes the printing experience. I was so tired of the HP run around where seemingly every day one of the many colors was "low" and the printer would hold up and make me hit a bunch of buttons--in between huge delays--only to refuse to print because the recently-purchased genuine HP ink was out of date. Buy more ink at ridiculous prices. And we don't print very much anymore!