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  • Bryan B - If you're a med student and don't know about first ...

    If you're a med student and don't know about first aid then I feel sorry for you. Seriously, just buy this. The 2016 one will be out in time for your board crunch time studying but for now use this as a tool to add some extra info into your classes and get some boards prep done early. You'll thank yourself later.

  • Mercedes Coleen Moss - Beyond Tangy Tangerine By Youngevity | Mercedes Moss Reviews

    Beyond Tangy Tangerine - 420 G Canister by Youngevity is scientifically formulated by the renowed Dr. Joel Wallach. It minimized symptoms of Chikungunya in my mother so that she only experienced mild joint pains and three days of mild illness. Other family members experienced increases in energy when they used it. I definitely reccomend

  • Jennifer and Thomas Hess - No Suds

    If you are looking for suds go else where, all three bottles we received didn't suds like the original. I use the original as bubble bath and was thinking this would do the same thing just smell like lavender. It doesn't. It also leaves more of a film than the original. So I will stick to what I know.

  • Brock - Great towel, looks sharp

    Great towel, looks sharp, wipes away dirt and grass stains... it's a frickin' towel, what more do you need to know.

  • Michael Orlando - Great product when you consider the price

    Great product when you consider the price. The manual and packaging is a bit confusing. It says forehead AND ear, it is a no-contact thermometer so it has nothing to do with the ear. Results when holding at the center of the forehead, as the manual says, is off between 0.5-1 degree (just like a oral thermometer). Holding it at your temple gets readings within 0.1 of 98.6 so that appears to be more accurate. Battery terminals were low quality, when I inserted the batteries the first time I bent one and had to bend it back in order for it to make contact and retain the battery in place.

  • Mike - great trap

    Catches squirrels too easy! never fails to trap at least one, sometimes more, just give the critters a path of seed to follow and viola! We use in a bird feeding area yet they still go to the trap.