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  • http://distalz.univ-lille2.fr/detail-article/third-distalz-international-workshop-on-high-throughput-dna-sequencing-in-alzheimers-disease-resear/ Third Distalz International Workshop on High-Throughput DNA Sequencing in Alzheimer's Disease Research: DistalZ - On behalf of the Distalz management board, we would like to welcome you to the Third Distalz International Workshop on "high-throughput DNA sequencing in Alzheimer's disease research" that will take place on October 11 and 12, 2016 at the Lille University School of Medicine in Lille, France.
  • http://distalz.univ-lille2.fr/detail-article/conference-a-central-role-of-trax-in-the-atm-mediated-dna-repair-during-elevated-oxidative-stress/ Conférence "A central role of TRAX in the ATM-mediated DNA repair during elevated oxidative stress" - Le 13/07/2016 14h: DistalZ - Conférence « A central role of TRAX in the ATM-mediated DNA repair during elevated oxidative stress ».Salle réunion du Bâtiment BISERTE du Centre de Recherche Jean-Pierre Aubert (JPArc)- Mercredi 13 Juillet 2016 - 14hSi vous êtes une personne externe au JPArc, merci de vous inscrire auprès du Dr David Blum (david.blum[at]inserm.fr)
  • http://distalz.univ-lille2.fr/detail-article/pour-votre-information-un-cycle-initiation-a-la-bioinformatique-est-propose-par-bilille/ Pour votre information, un cycle "initiation à la bioinformatique" est proposé par bilille.: DistalZ - Ce cycle est constitué de quatre modules de deux jours:7-8 septembre 2016: Banques de données et BLAST / 24-25 novembre 2016: Alignements de séquences / 16-17 février 2017: Prédiction de gènes et annotation de protéines / 11-12 mai 2017: Initiation à la reconstruction phylogénétique en biologie moléculaireToutes les informations sont disponibles sur le site web de la plateforme de Bilille
  • http://distalz.univ-lille2.fr/detail-article/conference-la-creation-artistique-sous-loeil-des-neurosciences-le-26052016/ Conférence "La création artistique sous l'oeil des neurosciences" - Le 26/05/2016: DistalZ - Conférence « La création artistique sous l'oeil des neurosciences ».Amphi n°7 1er étage au Pôle Formation de la faculté de médecine de Lille - à 19h30.Cocktail d'accueil à 19h. Pour des raisons de logistique évidentes, merci de confirmer votre présence auprès de laetitia.coudert[at]inserm.fr

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  • Curmudgeon - Pretty small...has interesting possibilities

    I'm just giving it 3 stars after a couple of hours with it. I will probably up the star count in the future. (I have just upped the rating to 5 stars for the robot itself, but not the software...see added comments at end.) First, it is quite small, and a bit pricey. The dimensions given appear to be the shipping box dimensions. The robot itself is approximately 3.5 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Interaction requires that your android device be connected, and thus you are disconnected from other wifi apps. I've only found two Cozmo apps, but there will be more coming down the pipe. It is essentially a table top gadget.

  • Jennifer Jones - just dance 2015

    Best game ever and very fun to play. Newer versions get better and better. Had this game for a few weeks now and the kids have played it almost everyday! Great exercise and lots of fun. Loved most of the songs and dances on this new game.

  • Reynaldo Bo - Compelling at first, but gradually turns boring

    Incredibly repetitive, understandable given the subject matter. Well written and certainly well researched. You have to marvel at the resiliency of spirit of these survivors. And at the thin line between courage and stupidity in setting off on such an expedition. And to what end? National pride, really, nothing more.

  • kw-2wheel - Indispensable Business Tool

    I have been operating my small business since 2001. I have used Quickbooks since we opened. QB allows more time to be spent on marketing & customer satisfaction instead of bookkeeping.

  • Chuck Warnock - Needs better audible

    I've had this less than a week so I may come back and update this. I initially bought it to pair with my Varia Radar by Garmin, as the head unit does not beep when a car is coming and I understood this one does. It does but it is almost inaudible, so what good is it? I've been on MapMyRide on my iPhone, and the mapping system here is much better. Haven't checked battery on a long ride, and the gradient response does seem to be slow as noted in an earlier review, but otherwise seems to be a good unit. Disappointed on audible though. That's a safety issue and it should be much louder given the cost of all of this.

  • Deanna M. Leahy - ZOMG LASERS

    This thing is like a Christmas party I don't have to decorate for. The dots are so intense, they look almost organic if you stare at them long enough. The remote makes it super easy to play LaserGod. My cats hate it. It's the best. Even the box the thing came in is cool, all foldy and fancy and covered in pics of ways to use giant laser fields. I can't wait to aim it at some trees.