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  • Naomi States ([email protected]) - Great! A must-read for anyone wanting health and longevity!

    Since taking DHEA I have lost body fat, my exercise is more effective, I feel better, and my libido has increased! Read this book! Stephen Cherniske not only describes what DHEA can do for you, but teaches in detail a lifestyle consistent with health and longevity. DHEA restores balance to the immune system, strengthens bones, decreases recovery time after a workout, reduces body fat, decreases risk of heart disease, decreases risk of cancer, and decreases hyperinsulinism which contributes to obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and adult onset diabetes. DHEA tells the brain: "I'm young!..keep me well, alive, and kicking!" Wouldn't you like to take the DHEA and other health-building products that Steve Cherniske himself has formulated?

  • Alice Litchfield - Cover is on book inproperly

    The cover on this book is on upside down. Very confusing. Looks like your studying upside down. Very disappionted for the price.

  • Patrick McHugh - Okay, but not great. A way to learn gaming games, but with serious flaws.

    I use this software to play Blackjack and Craps. I can tell you with one hundred percent authority and accuracy that the Craps game is not a fair/honest game. The computer simulation is programmed to work against you if you bet outside of certain parameters. As example, I can begin a betting sequence and with one hundred percent accuracy I can force the program to have me lose on a specific role of the dice. What this means is that when playing craps you are not only playing against the natural and inherent odds within the game but also you are playing against some sort of computer programming that is tracking your betting methodology and controlling the role of the dice to assure you don't wager out of certain parameters. This Craps game provides the perfect example of why no one should ever play an online's Craps game unless the gambler just wants to give his money away. I have written to the product development team and lodged my complaint, but they have never responded. It would be a great craps game if they didn't mess with the programming to give the house a higher odds than what a craps game would normally have. I do not play any games other than Blackjack and Craps, but I would not be surprised if some of the other games were also manipulated by programming to increase house odds.

  • finyin - Works best on fine to medium thickness hair

    I have used this twice... yes, it is best to put the protective cream on in a thin layer, slighlty beyond the area you are planning to defoliate. It is important to put the defoliant on in two layers to obtain a sufficiently thick cover, no gaps.

  • The Real BATMAN - I simply can not say enough good things about this hair mask

    I simply can not say enough good things about this hair mask. I have very long and thick hair that has become very difficult to manage at times, and I have been looking for a solution that will help keep it manageable and also help to repair some of the damage that has been done to my hair as I have colored it multiple times and used a lot of curling irons and straightening irons on it over the years. This hair mask is the perfect solution. \ It smells absolutely amazing and you really start to notice real changes in your hair after just one use. The bottle design is cool and young and I must admit that may have been what originally drew me to this product, however I have continued to use it because of how well it works and how amazing it has made my hair look. I am definitely very satisfied with my purchase and I am definitely going to be a long time purchaser of this product. Keeva Organics is definitely a brand that I know and trust because they make high quality products such as this one. I would definitely recommend this product very highly to any one who is looking to totally transform the appearance of their hair.