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  • Sean Evans - Mine leaked

    Both hoses leaked, the crimps werent very good, I cut the crimp fittings off and put hose clamps on the nipples, seems to be working good now.

  • No name - Fantastic ..here are the pros and cons..best present I have ever got!

    This product definitely works. When u first use it it definitely stings but after a couple of uses doesn't sting at all as hair is less. Do not flash the light on the same place twice thinking that it will kill hairs faster, I did this and burned myself ..ouch.

  • Ambie - All examples were very easy to follow

    Really really helpful. The author actually makes it interesting to read. The author is understanding that the GRE is probably the last thing you want to be studying for and, therefore, gets right to the point. All examples were very easy to follow. All tips were applicable to the test. My practice test scores improved after using this book to study.

  • Susie - I have insomnia and it DOES work for me

    The first 2 times I tried it it had no effect. I have to say I was disappointed. I decided to keep trying it anyway since I had a whole bottle, and after a couple days I noticed that it does make me drowsy enough to fall asleep with half an hour of taking it, and I sleep through till 6:00am. I have had insomnia for 14 years, at times I go 2 weeks with sleeping 2 hours a night. I have tried regular benadryl and generic brands but NOTHING has worked reliably. I am also able to awaken at night if the kids need me, and not be too groggy, which is not the case with most insomnia medication.

  • Deborah N. Palmer - Shiny Hair

    I love this leave in conditioner. It leaves my hair shiny and manageable. Highly recommend it for women with fine hair.