Review: : Home of the Dopefiend Cup - Home of the Dopefiend Cup, the UK's original Growers' and Breeders' Competition. Held in secret annually since 2011

Country:, North America, US

City: -79.9959 Pennsylvania, United States

  • Ryan Nichols - A must-have for wine drinkers

    This is a great product for preserving your unfinished bottles of wine! By pumping out the air and effectively resealing the bottle, you can keep your wine tasting good for significantly longer than simple re-corking would. Prior to purchasing this item, I found myself consistently pouring out wine that had turned after just a day or two. Now, I have drank wine that has been opened for nearly an entire week without much change in the flavor. I highly recommend this product to any wine drinker!

  • Rkoti - Game is OK, DRM restrictions make it a loser.

    This is a very fun and creative game that will suck it for hours at a time. However, the DRM restrictions it puts on the user are harsh and useless, (the game is already available on most bit torrent clients).

  • Brandon - Poison

    I took this pill and I can barely breathe. This is not recommended at all. Please if you care about your health and don't want to go to the hospital do not take this pill! Maybe my body reacted differently but it doesn't like it at all!

  • sprocketplug - Can easily shoot across the office floor and hit your boss ...

    You would not believe how much power these little guys have. Can easily shoot across the office floor and hit your boss in the back of the head which leads to a team meeting in which Debra totally rats you out because Debra is like the ebola of fun. Sorry, Debra, just because your husband left you, doesn't mean you get to take it out on all of us. Oh and maybe he wouldn't have left you if you weren't a soul-less harpy whose idea of a good time is spreading gossip around the office and mass emailing pictures of your dumb cat wearing cowboy hats.

  • Ryan - I definitely recommend this

    I used it on a bike tour and I have gone 7 days without charging the battery in the wall. I definitely recommend this item