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  • Josh - Great customer service

    Great price for the quality and quantity of assorted wrenches. The product came in extremely fast(Im stationed overseas). I am missing the 5/16" wrench but as soon as I got home, I called the customer service number and didn't wait more then 5 minutes. The rep was very nice and willing to work with me. The wrench was sent same day. I am a very happy customer and I will be doing more business with the company in the future!

  • Joel C. - Good product for the price.

    The squirrelinator works great for small squirrels, but we have found that if you use certain foods (seeds, corn, etc) the birds can get it and so can the mice, so there is not food left for the squirrels to want. We had to put a board under ours as the mice, etc were digging under the dirt to come up under the cage and eat all the food. Even when we did that, something is still taking the food. We have not caught any big squirrels though. For the money, we feel that it was worth the investment. As a sideline, we did catch 3 bluejays in the traps too.

  • Katie McCoy - Solar powered greatness!

    I love these for my backyard! They are great for being able to see my dogs at night. You can mount them wherever you want and they have a motion detector on them. I wanted a light that I wouldn't have to turn on and off and this is perfect for me. It has a light saver mode that it goes into when no motion is detected. The light saver mode is a dimmed light. Plus it is solar powered, so no light bill to pay for it and no wiring required! They come with all the hardware need to install them. They are not super bright lights (not flood lights), but they work to illuminate a small area like a gateway, small porch/deck, or walkway. I received this product at a discounted price for my honest opinion. I couldn't be happier with them and will be buying more!

  • S. Yuri - Seems to have worked well for ~3 months and counting

    76 Camaro, crate 350 engine with mild performance upgrades, engine has been in car for about 15 years but only has about 25k on it since this is my recreation/fun car. Coolant leaking into #7 combustion chamber. Was having to add coolant every few days. Added Bar's Head gasket fix in early February and the leak stopped right away. Almost 3 months later, still holding. I have only driven it for about 1000 miles though. Heater works fine. I don't really expect this to be a permanent fix, but it is buying time until I eventually have to get the real fix done.

  • mommyjox2 - I will stick to crest

    I do not like this product and will not buy again. I like crest much better. My mouth doesn't feel as clean as it did with crest. My breath smelt good as soon as I used it but by the time I walked out of bathroom it was already gone. I do not have bad breath I bought this based off the reviews. Again I will stick to crest!!