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  • marintravelbuff - Wet & Forget - Rid Yourself of Pesky Moss & Mold!

    We had a very wet winter in Northern California last year and the moss build-up on our front steps was out of control. Moss can make stairs and sidewalks very slippery. So I was determined to correct the situation before someone fell and got hurt.

  • PAULA - Not good...I'll give it one star because when it was working it was okay.

    The first one we had lasted four days and the motor went out. When we called pro form they couldn't even give us a date when we would receive our new motor...said it could be up to three weeks but they would call and confirm when they would send it. We called Amazon and they sent another treadmill out and we received in within the week of the other going out. On to the second....had this one 18 days and the motor is going out. It makes a horrible noise. My husband call pro form again and once again they have no motors in stock. What's up with that. Do the motors go out so frequently that hey can't keep them in stock. Needless to say we are so disappointed in our treadmill. We like the incline and the variable speed we just wish it would work. I even went online and found that the treadmill we purchased was rated higher than any other. Are we just getting the lemons?? Someone is supposed to come out and fix it this time...it was rough for my 73 year old husband to put two of them together he refuses to put another one together.