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  • This book's author has died of her cancer - This book's author has died of her cancer

    When my own cancer was deemed incurable, I reached eagerly for this book and attempted to do many of the things it said. Recently, I bought the sequel to this book, A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook, and in it, Ann Frahm's husband, Dave, reveals that Ann died of her cancer. I am estimating this happened between 1998, when the first book came out, and 2000, when the second book came out. In the second book he explains what happened, that they just couldn't clear up all her immunity problems and the cancer came back and took over. When I found out she died, I felt very let down, but on the other hand, Ann lived about 10 years fter she was sent home to die, so I guess it is however you choose to see the glass, half full or empty. I think it is only right, though, to let potential readers of this book know that Ann died. She also lived longer than anyone expected. Make your own decisions about the efficacy of her program and your quality of life if you follow program (with the frequent juicing, supplements, enemas and on and on and on) with that in mind. But if you are anything like me, you keep on doing stuff like this because you don't have anything else to keep trying to do. May God help all of us with cancer, because we surely need it.

  • fabian - Excellent worth the price

    my son is in a 6 th grade mariachi he got his own trumpet but he doesnt have the valve oil when we got it he used it and now the valves move real well i really recomend this

  • Marian Cole - Pure snakeoil

    I am generally a fan of Aveda but this entire line is nonsense and this particular product is the worst of the lot. All I got was an itchy, irritated scalp! Think about it - how could something where the main ingredient is "denatured alcohol" be good for your scalp? I'm sure the heavy fragrance does not help matters either. Also gave me acne all along the hairline.

  • Sarah C - You won't ever want to buy another brand again!

    This bra is perfect. Comfortable! Fits where it should on your body, you won't have to adjust it multiple times a day, like other brands. Just enough padding and doesn't look fake. Washes easily (I hang mine to air dry) and the "form" doesn't get messed up in the laundry. Made durable and is withholding it's construction. I don't wear VS bras anymore. Love Warner's bras!