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  • Repeat06 - I liked the fuel door

    I liked the fuel door. The only thing I didn't like about the fuel door was the silver rivets, but I knew that before I purchased it. I painted the rivet on my door black. The installation instructions are lacking in details. If i remember there were only pictures. However, I found a couple of good instructional videos on YouTube that explain how to remove the existing casing and install to the new fuel door.

  • Ivan Wine - Poor Bluetooth reception

    These have no Bluetooth reception. I've paired them with a phone, a laptop, and my desktop, and they will only work if I set the phone on the couch behind me, face down. When I do that, they sound great. I really wish they would hold a signal better, because when they do, they are great.

  • J. Michelle Wynn - Great political book

    This is the third book I've read about the 2012 election. This one gives a little more behind the scenes info of what each campaign was doing during the same time period.