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  • renee daniels - Harmful to our skin!!

    I was given a trial sample from a friend who is a distributor. It is day 10 and my skin is burning. My face feels like it has a very bad sunburn. It is very dry and has cracks around my nose. I also noticed that after a couple days my face, particularly around my eyes, appeared puffy. This has worsened greatly. My eyes are far worse than prior to using Nerium AD. I have meticulously taken care of my skin since I was 14 years old, I am now 52. I am very careful about what products I will use on my skin. I am told my skin is beautiful and timeless. I tried it since the friend who is a distributor is also a distributor for another skin care company that I purchase from. When I mentioned the burning I too was told to use more water. I will not be using this cream ever again. Wonder what kind of damage has already been done to my skin. :(

  • John - sucks!!!

    Sucks waste of money. Used it before also to a tee... N failed both times. Only drink that's failed me.that I can remember !!

  • Random - Technical 5 stars - Support 1 Star (at least last year it was)

    This is a hard review to write. I love ASUS products, I love their innovation, design and quality. The technical features on this product get 5 stars from me. It is truly the best most advanced router I have ever used (and I have had a lot of them and have spent real money on many of them). Up until today I have never needed their support and this is where they have failed. Let me be clear I am not upset that there is a defect in the product, that happens, especially with products as innovative as theirs the problem is how they respond. Here is the good and bad:

  • lilly's reviews - well made product

    My 4 year old son loves Paw Patrol! This is well made and has a sturdy backpack for treats. He's a big kid (a lil taller than most, not obese though) and this gives him a year to play with until next halloween!!

  • Misteron - Backup Software that really works.

    I have totally relied on a image backup for years and this software has been the best I have ever used. I am impressed how user friendly it is.I recently had a incident with some anti-virus software that really screwed up on my Windows 10 Pro computer. I tried System Restore first and it failed. I tried to uninstall the anti-virus and it failed as well. Acronis was my last hope with a backup image I had made several days earlier. I inserted the Acronis Recovery Disc and ran the backup. It worked like a charm!

  • Michael E. Franklin - If you have to take antihistamines and / or anticholinergics I would highly recommend supplementation.

    I started researching the effects of Choline supplementation after reading an article in a medical journal about the link between the use of anticholinergics and dementia / cognitive decline. Anticholinergics are widely used to treat depression, sleep disorders, and incontinence. Antihistamines (Benadry, Sominex, Phenergan, Claritin) have strong anticholinergic effects, and since I live in Florida which is pollen central, I take antihistamines on a regular basis. Reading the various studies sent a chill down my spine as I have a strong familial history of dementia and certainly don't want to take anything that would increase my likely hood of developing it. I am always worried when I have a problem with memory recall, worried that it may be more significant than just having the answer "right on the tip of my tongue." Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in memory. Anticholinergics decrease acetylcholine. It is amazing how many people take these medications on a regular basis. I was taking 3 anticholinergics a day and I can honestly say that by limiting my use of antihistamines and taking Choline supplementation I have noticed a big difference in my cognitive abilities. Everything seems sharper and more "in focus" My ability to word recall has noticeably increased and I have actually had people say that they wished they had a memory like mine. If you have to take antihistamines I would highly recommend supplementation.

  • Amanda Knoll - fun to go along with the book

    These are a great addition to my sticker book for this year's season. I am very excited and they shipped them very quickly. These are good quality stickers and the book is also good quality as well. Great for collectors. I would recommend this product. I received this free product in exchange for my honest opinion.