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  • Shushu - Rusts and Breaks

    This mop has a horrible design flaw. The plastic thing that keeps the mop head attached to the handle has a large lip on it that holds water.(look closely at the picture and you will see what I mean) This area of the handle rusts through and it breaks. Two mops have broken like this in one year. Until they change the design I will never buy this again. I wrote to Libman about this issue after the first one broke and there was no response. I use a mop several times a week.

  • Valerie Lynn - Focused on New Writing Talent

    For over a decade I'd been loyal to "The Best of... " series, but for several recent years I was repeatedly disappointed by the selections. Well known, well read writers took over a popular collection that filled a specific genre niche. It served as a showcase of new writers who had mastered the confining perameters of the short story form. Then it shifted its focus to published writers who needed no introduction.

  • C. Magnett - Unsure of Purpose

    When I first saw this product I assumed it was a book. However, when I tried to read it, I discovered that it only contained indiscernible ranting. So I began to investigate alternative uses.

  • Rose Marie Starce - Great Documentary

    It's too bad the few people who are in a position to nominate this documentary for any awards don't agree with the content. Truth can be difficult for some people. Millions watched it and learned, unfortuneately, the people who should have watched and learned didn't take the time to invest an interest in America's future. The documentary didn't change our current state of affairs, however, it still is worth your time to learn why our country is where it is today.