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  • megamind - BEST BUDGET CARD FOR 1080 GAMING AT 70FPS

    I'm completely satisfied with this card even with only finding one *bug*. install was easy, uses a 6 pin cable. windows 10 didn't find the driver but was plug and play with a crappy resolution. downloaded the crimson drivers and off I went. came with a driver cd with asus apps but I havent had an optical drive since the early 00's so i just went to the support page from asus. So far I haven't needed to overclock this card and usually reach 70fps on games like DOOM and Overwatch. NOW for the *bug*; when I set up Vulkan in DOOM with this card it refuses to work (yes that means I was getting 70+fps without Vulkan) and i'm not sure why. I guess I can't really complain as I know this issue will be fixed eventually or it could simply be my hardware choice. I'll list my setup here just for an FYI.

  • Elizabeth Chamberlain - It is perfect. I can now browse the web with more ...

    This is exactly what I was looking for. It is perfect. I can now browse the web with more confidence.

  • Amazon Customer - Not sure if this product is the real thing. ...

    Not sure if this product is the real thing. There were several spelling mistakes on the back of the label. Made me think it was not the actual product. Be careful buying this...

  • Amazon Customer - If you only have ONE pot in the house, make it this one...

    This is IT--for soups, stews, and anything else that you need...it is the ideal size for one or two people--or even more depending on what you're cooking. A decent-sized chicken or pot roast fits perfectly. This pot WILL last forever--when my Mom remarried, my stepdad had one in orange in the house from the 60's and except for an age patina on the outside (gas stove) the INSIDE was still perfect, and it still makes the best food I've ever tasted. Your soup/stews will NOT burn or stick--during my first "test flight" with my pot, I accidentally got on the phone whilst making chicken soup (ooops)...While the skinside of the chicken was a bit browner where it had been against the enamel, it didn't stick, even though the stockpot was at rolling boil. BTW, this also makes killer baked beans and other one-dish wonders...case in point; Farberware's handles are only good up to 275 degrees F or so; these babies can and do go up to 450--this means that if you wanted to (let's say) make chicken n dumplings and then finish it in a high oven, you could. JUST STOP READING THIS REVIEW and GO BUY the pot already! :) My one criticism is that the yellow color for all Le Creuset stuff looks pretty online but looks pretty chokey in reality.

  • Rachel - Best bag ever!

    I LOVE this bag! It's the perfect size for a change of clothes and a pair of shoes with room left over. It's also gorgeous and well made. I bought the mint and gray bag, but it's more turquoise, which I LOVE!

  • readergirl13 - Kindle Version Ridculously Unusable

    I normally love Frommer's guide and own many of them. This is the first one I downloaded on my kindle instead of buying the paperback and frankly it was a waste of $15. It is impossible to navigate to the sections you need in a timely manner. I have been searching and searching and can't find a single map in this thing. The table of contents is different than the print version and does not list the maps or suggested tours or even attractions sections for each city. Basically, I spent a bunch of money to download a whole lot of random info on Italy that CANNOT be navigated through in a kind paperwhite. I want my money back! It is freaking ridiculous to try to scroll through 962 pages to find the attraction I am looking for. The search function is zero help and offers me the same plethora of excess instead of navigating to a heading or sensible point. Seriously a waste of my time and money! Yes the book has lost of information, can I access it in a reasonable time frame or manner? Absolutely not! Don't waste your dollars, it's worth the extra weight to just get the darn paperback!

  • Amazon Customer - I have been taking it for a week now and ...

    I have been taking it for a week now and have to say that it really does control my apetite.I had my doubts but I think this will work .I forgot it at work so I had to wait until I got back to work which was about an hour later than I normally take it in the morning.I could tell how hungry I was that morning versus the mornings I take it when I wake up.