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  • Amazon Customer - The true unbiased review

    Well, first of all, i want to say that i bought the game a few weeks ago, i didn't have access to the game when it was released, it seems the patches and the updates have fixed most of the problems that plagued the release version.

  • Brianna Shafer - Could be better

    I purchased this a couple months ago and was very excited to find an all natural product for my hair loss. So far, it has made my hair very soft and smells nice ( I use the conditioner as well). I have not seen any type of results in terms of hair growth and my head gets itchy and flaky. I will continue to use it until the bottles are empty in hopes that I will see results, if I do not scratch all my hair off before then.

  • Michelle - Banger

    When i say never disappoints, i mean i am never disappointed when i read a nicole jackson book. I be low key mad i read so fast but thats how she have you,never wanting to put the book down..a must read

  • Aaron - Very comprehensive

    This book is HUGE. Its almost 1000 pages. So far its been extremely helpful with test tips and strategies. It covers all of the material and comes with 2 full-length practice tests so you can measure improvement. At this price, it is definitely worth it.

  • Chris - Fits perfectly, no modifications required.

    Exact replacement. Make sure to recover/replace the rubber o-rings! You may want to use new Viton/HNBR o-rings depending on application.

  • Bogla4 - Comparable to a Yeti.

    Great cup!! Our Crossfit box is super warm especially during these hot days. It kept ice while I was in the hot gym for over two hours, compared to a regular plastic water bottle that sweats and melts ice within 30 mins. I would recommend this to anybody, great price compared to a Yeti!

  • Brent D. Nolan - Dreams do come true!

    One of those lifelong dreams fulfilled! Many of my favorite guitarists play a Les Paul. Now, I can start on the next phase of the dream, playing it well.