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  • Amazon Customer - "Less than 30 mins...???"

    Sylvania must have based their application time on the simplest headlamp shapes out there, and probably their most experienced technician on staff because just properly taping off the headlamps alone on my two Mazdas took 15 mins for each vehicle. One star off for that.

  • BeYouTful - The BEST!

    This stuff works!! Plain and simple! Really cleans the floor and takes out the smell of my little yorkie's strong smelling pee. Also, my granddaughter decided to take colored play dough and rub into my white carpet. I was living in a rental so that made it worse for me. (I like keeping things nice so I get my deposit back! And it's not my house to destroy.) I tried a couple of strong cleaners I had and those bright colors of the play dough just wouldn't come out. My daughter, who is the mom to the granddaughter that did this, wanted to see if this would work. She came back with her bottle of Kids and Pets and WOW, it took it out immediately without a stain. As soon as you poured it on the stain was gone!! I was so impressed I have had it around my house ever since and used it on all kinds of things. But now that I have a dog, I am so glad I have it!! I ran out and tried something else and all it did was cover up the smell with a perfume in it and the smell came back. So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!!!