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    If you enjoy this type of health pursuit - you will enjoy this. Its just what I needed to understand how to do it, why to do it & what benefits people have experienced.

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  • Shaunna C - Pretty nails, easy to use. Not long lasting.

    Easy to use, nice options. I can use nail shields under the color to protect my nails if I'd like. Always a plus with gel. But, it seemed like a very long and tricky process of lining it up just right, filing the excess and smoothing out the bubbles.

  • P. Madeo - Like this !!

    MUCH quieter than the one it replaced. So quiet that when I thought it was finished it wasn't. Small hole in a fingernail and slightly sprained wrist from jerking my hand away. Lecture from hubby, don't need another but do be careful.

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    I found the story being told from so many angles interesting and helped me understand each character better. There's a little romance, but not the corny kind. It can be funny and make you want to cry. It is a true page turner, I was always wondering what would happen next.If you like sorcery and fantasy books, then you'll like this book.

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    This is the perfect bag for a cart. It houses all of your clubs individually, and keeps them separate. The colors look really nice. The red is more of a crimson, which wad lucky for me, because I am an Alabama Fan!