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Dr. Paul R. Naour, MD, Pain Management, Bloomington, IL ,Normal, IL - Chronic pain can occur in many areas of the body. Understanding the types of pain you have and the location is the first step.

  • http://paulnaourmd.com/about-dr-naour/ Dr. Paul R. Naour, MD, Pain Management, Bloomington, IL ,Normal, IL - Dr. Naour takes a comprehensive approach to pain management that may include invasive and non-invasive therapies for inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • http://paulnaourmd.com/pain-management/ Pain Management, Bloomington, IL, Normal, IL, Dr. Paul Naour, MD - Pain from surgery or from chronic conditions can be difficult to control. Chronic pain can even be impossible to cure. Treatment can help reduce the pain.
  • http://paulnaourmd.com/spinal-cord-stimulation/ Spinal Cord Stimulation, Pain Management, Bloomington, IL, Normal, IL - Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. One of the most effective approaches is using a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • http://paulnaourmd.com/pain-syndromes/ Pain Syndromes, Pain Management, Bloomington, IL, Normal, IL, - Most pain in the back and neck is caused by issues with muscles. This is often more mild pain, caused by muscle tension, cramps, or sprains.

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  • C.Sethi - Good for kids with small hands

    Fits well for my 6 year old. She has small hands and these gloves fit well. Not too small or large.

  • gilly8 - Owen Tudor was not a servant, he was a landless knight, a HUGE difference.....

    The publishers' review says Owen Tudor was a servant to the former Queen of England and daughter of the French king.....but I always understood him to be a landless knight....a HUGE difference in that time and place! No servant would have ever been able to marry a dowager queen....but a landless knight, a nobleman despite his poverty COULD have and did.....