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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments - The Rebuilder is a neuropathy treatment. This peripheral neuropathy treatment is guaranteed. FDA approved.

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  • http://peripheralneuropathytreatments.com/aboutus.htm Neuropathy Treatments and the Rebuilder - The Rebuilder is a neuropathy treatment. This peripheral neuropathy treatment is guaranteed. FDA approved. The Rebuilder for neuropathy.
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  • Ms. Honest - Watkins Ointment is a staple in my home.

    I was introduced to Watkins Ointment as a child. My mom used it for cold relieve and allergy relieve. As an adult, I always have a jar in the house. This is the only solution when my nose is dry and for sinus drainage and dry lips. Warning: when using on the face (underneath nose and lips), it will burn or tingle a bit. Wait a few minutes and the sensation goes away. The effects do not have a long lasting affect. Please don't let the tingling sensation be the reason you don't purchase. This is one of the items that is considered a staple in my home.

  • Amazon Customer - Very drying -- Zero help from Neutrogena Very Disappointing!

    I purchased the Night, Daytime w/SPF, and the eye treatment...all three of the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair products. I used it exactly as directed on the packaging. I noticed some improvement in wrinkles and minor sagging at the jawline in about a week, so I planned to continue use. However, these products have been very drying to my skin, causing peeling and flaking and some minor irritation.