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Garlicin(oil And Powder), Risedronate Sodium, Altretamine And Intermedia, Garlic, Anluotong Extract - Qing Jiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - Jiang Su Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd, the joint venture of Chia Tai Pharmaceutical Co., is the only one which produces garlicin in China. Our company has broad spectrum of products from raw material of antibioticsto synthesized bulk pharmaceuticals,

  • http://qingjiang.en.ecplaza.net/garlicin-oil---110762-503302.html Garlicin(oil) - Qing Jiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - The Garlicin is a kind green antibiotic product. (1)It can be as food additive and has function of immunity & adjustment, disinfection & sterilization, suppressing tumor and so on. (2)And also it can well prevent and control the stomach disease, the blood vessel disease of heart & brain, ...
  • http://qingjiang.en.ecplaza.net/altretamine--110762-503471.html Altretamine - Qing Jiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd - Altretamine is an anti-neoplasm drug. It's white crystalline powder, odorlessness, with sublimation. It has been extensively used around the world and has been embodied in national fundamental medical secure drugs catalog. Chemical name:2, 4, 6-tris(dimethyclamino)-1, 3, 5-triazine Assay:CH9H18N6 ...

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  • Mike - Will This Be It?!

    I was jonesing to play a wrestling game when I came to realize that my brother (also previously my roommate) took the XBox360 when he left, leaving me with my trusty ol' PS2 that's definitely a few years old. I was resigned to finding an older version of the game when I came across this and was like "A 2011 wrestling game for PS2? LOL it must be watered down but I'll play it anyway..."

  • Cynthia Schiotis - Although the book was excellent, the CD that comes with the book is ...

    My husband needed this book to study for his ham radio Technician test. Although the book was excellent, the CD that comes with the book is what helped my husband ace the test. He got a 100% on his test thanks to the test preparation on the CD. My husband said it helped him out immensely. Better than reading the book, although that is also what my husband also did.