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  • Scott W. McMurray II - Probably the Best First Book for the Serious Beginning Investor

    This is a great first book for the diligent investor. By diligent, I mean a person that actually wants to do the footwork involved with learning how to invest on his or her own and wants to be able to speak the language of the stock market. For the person who is not willing, or simply not interested, in putting in all the work involved in learning how to invest, there are other options out there that may be better, such as financial advisors (if you want the hand-holding and/or don't mind spending more on commissions for the advice) and ETFs (exchange traded funds, which if picked right simply move in tandem with the market). However, even the passive investor could learn a lot from reading or even just skimming through this book.

  • S. Yang - My daughters seem to enjoy this, but they still prefer the WII sports ...

    My daughters seem to enjoy this, but they still prefer the WII sports and WII games better. I think the graphics don't look very attractive, but it's a fun activity for my girls.