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  • Ayde - Awesome Awesome Awesome!

    My husband is loving these Bluetooth headphones. We had another pair that my dad took a liking to so I let him have them. Originally I bought this pair for me so I can use them on road trips as I listen to my audio books. I intended on letting my husband use them for when he exercised but he liked them so much that he actually took them from me. Now these are very easy over the ear, none tangle and easy setup.

  • Amazon Customer - GREAT! ...for bringing a 590 to a 600... and then back to a 580

    I've come to equate Kaplan to the McDonalds of education, if you need quick and cheap nourishment that you will regret consuming, then this is definitely the way to go. I started with the Kaplan book and ran into my first problem within 20 minutes when it told me to take the "diagnostic quiz" online. It turns out that they were too lazy to reprint their book from the previous edition as there is no longer a "diagnostic quiz," perhaps the new method gives you better analysis, but honestly this is just a poor effort. I used the Kaplan book for my first 3 CATs- my scores were 590, 600, 580. I'd made it through the whole book by then and decided to do a little research; as I was signed up for the July 2 GMAT (today), I didn't want to do poorly as I'd have to take the new one with the IR (not fun); so at the advice of pretty much everyone who seems to know anything about GMAT, I went with Manhattan. Their system is far superior, their books are far more comprehensive, and in terms of the services provided online, they offer much much more. As I didn't take it with the IR, I purchased the previous edition (about $100 on Amazon). The $60 was WELL worth it as I just scored a 710! Over 100 point increase in a few months! Buy Kaplan if you'd like a $40 paperweight, need something to blast with a 12 gauge, or think that $40 is worth the 5 CATS they provide. OH YEAH! TOTALLY FORGOT! The straw that broke the camel's back was that when I took my 3rd CAT on Kaplan, I noticed that it felt like I'd seen all the questions before- they do a REALLY poor job of filtering questions in between CATS - Manhattan does not have this problem at all, and even if you do the 6 they have, you can reset your pool with "some repeats" which I doubt are as many as this Kaplan nonsense. Kaplan loves to suck up cash while providing inferior products with the illusion of product integrity - this can be exemplified by the fact that they own the Hult Business School which is a "top 10" program with very lax admissions standards and costs an arm, a leg, and perhaps an ear or two.

  • Steven L. Campbell - As advertised!

    Very easy to install once you figure out that the instructions are wrong! The instructions state that you turn the latches clockwise to loosen and counter clockwise to tighten - wrong! "Lefty loosey, righty tighty!" Even at that, it took me less than 15 minutes to install it.

  • Ariana - When can I get the rest??

    Typically, I fly through the beginning chapters of books to get to the meaty parts- I have the attention span of a thermos. Not the case with Chasing Mayflies! Every paragraph is a complete pleasure and I found myself rereading pages rather than skipping them as I quite often do! This story's greatest success is that it keeps you super interested, invested in the characters, and wanting more, can't wait for the rest!!!

  • Tammy Warren - Great solar lights

    These are awesome solar lights. I placed it outdoors to add some light to my backyard and it's amazing the amount of light this thing puts off. I really like the design on the front of the lights.They look nice during the day as well. I'm probably going to get a few more so I can put them in places where I want light and not have to use electric.