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  • Michelle S. - Gets The JOB Done!

    I have been natural (black) for over 10 years. This is the first product I have purchased to heat straighten my hair. Flat irons just did not work. This brush DOES. It did not get it bone straight, but that was not the look I was seeking. I am sure if I spend the time, it will straighten to whatever texture I choose. Used to create a bun and it worked quite well. My hair was light and fluffy - not heavy, greasy or burnt. I really like this tool!

  • Anne Hougaard - Great imagery

    Your book was well thought out. Kept one's interest. Set nd read it from page one to the end of the book. I think it annoyed those around me because I was able to enjoy myself and tune them out. Thank you for a wonderful Sunday.

  • William G. Straub - GOOD JOB, Mr. Klein

    Ed Stein has done another wonderful job of researching his "heroine" for this book. But, there really wasn't much that I learned about the lying, cheating, hateful woman, Hillary Clinton. And I am certain that most Democrats will ignore the facts, as usual and we possibly will end up with a mean spirited, filthy mouthed,lying, nasty person as our first woman POTUS. And I am sure I will get all sorts of nasty comments for this review. It is a real shame that the first woman POTUS has to have some of the most sickening character traits of any human being in government. But, it seems that's the way we roll in this country at this point in time. SHAMEFUL.

  • Deborah Anaya - Life Saver

    I feel this book will save my life, having had PCOS since the birth of my daughter over 21 yrs ago but not diagnosed until 3 yrs ago, I finally found the book that gave me all the information I needed. It answered questions I have had for years and explained everything in a way that I can understand. I cant wait to try the menus and look forward to feeling better soon.I have tried extremely low fat diets but it became boring and soon was on my way back to my old eating habits, either no food at all or ice cream and cereals. The plan and information in this book lets me eat balanced meals and pretty much as much as you want untill your satisfied without gaining weight. Thank you