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  • Diet & Nutrition | Diet & Nutrition Information & Advice - Diet & nutrition awareness combined with regular exercise leads to healthy living. Conversely, obesity leads to health issues that can shorten your life.
  • Slimming Pills | Buy Slimming Pills Online & UK Prescription - Slimming pills | diet pills | weight loss tablets help people who are obese to lose excess weight. Slimming pills can help you to slim down faster.
  • Weight Loss | Weight Loss Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Weight loss pills are an effective form of weight loss treatment that help prevents conditions from developing so you can live a longer and healthier life.
  • BMI Calculator | Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator - BMI calculator is a ratio of your height and weight. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) helps you assess whether you are overweight or obese.
  • General Health | General Health Information & Advice - Everyone suffers from some kind of general health condition during their life. We cover a range of general health conditions that affect men and women.
  • Acid Reflux | Acid Reflux Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Acid reflux is also known as gastro-oesophageal reflux. Acid reflux causes indigestion, resulting in a burning sensation in the chest known as heartburn.
  • Acne | Acne Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Acne is a common skin disorder causing pimples on the face, chest, back and upper arms. Acne can be very embarrassing and lead to scarring of the skin.
  • Allergies | Allergies Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Allergies are very common & occur when your immune system reacts to normally harmless substances. Allergies cause itchy eyes, runny nose, skin rashes.
  • Asthma | Asthma Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. Asthma attacks consisting of difficulty in breathing, wheezing, shortness of breath & coughing.
  • Bronchitis | Bronchitis Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Bronchitis is one of the most common types of lung infections and is an inflammation or infection that causes the bronchi to become irritated.
  • Hay Fever | Hay Fever Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Hay fever is an allergic inflammation of the nasal airways. Airborne substances can trigger hay fever symptoms - watery eyes, sneezing and nasal swelling.
  • Cholesterol | Cholesterol Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Cholesterol is just one of many substances made & used by our bodies. Cholesterol is vital to keeping us healthy and functioning normally.
  • Cold Sores | Cold Sores Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Cold sores or fever blisters, are basically tiny groups of blisters which develop on the lips as well as around your mouth lasting a few days to 2 weeks.
  • Diabetes | Diabetes Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Diabetes is a lifelong condition that affects men and women worldwide. People who suffer from diabetes have higher blood sugar levels than normal.
  • Fungal Infection | Fungal Infection Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Fungal infections can affect the scalp, skin, eye, fingers, feet or toenails. Fungal infections can spread through the body and should ideally be treated.
  • Haemorrhoids | Haemorrhoid Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are very common swellings that develop on the anus or the back passage and can affect men and women of any age.
  • Hair Removal | Hair Removal Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Hair Removal is a range of prescription creams helping women remove visible facial hair (facial hirsutism) which is a very embarrassing condition for women.
  • High Blood Pressure | Blood Pressure Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. Having high blood pressure can cause many different health problems including stroke and heart disease.
  • Incontinence | Incontinence Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - There are different types of urinary incontinence including stress incontinence, urge incontinence, overflow incontinence, mixed incontinence & more..
  • Influenza | Influenza Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Influenza is commonly referred to as the flu. It is a viral infection that can spread from one person to another through the air by coughs and sneezes.
  • Nausea & Vomiting | Nausea & Vomiting Treatments & Causes - Nausea & Vomiting are symptoms of a disease not a specific illness. Nausea & vomiting caused by; Viral infection, food poisoning, migraines to name a few.
  • Pain & Inflammation Treatment, Causes & Symptoms - Pain & inflammation of the body covers a range of conditions. Most people will experience aches and pains at some point of their lives.
  • Quit Smoking | Quit Smoking Treatments, Information & Advice - Quit smoking today without the onset of nasty cravings or withdrawal symptoms. Smoking can affect your health & the health of people around you.
  • Insomnia | Insomnia Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Insomnia is having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep for a substantial amount of time. Insomnia can cause mood changes & being irritable.
  • Travel Health | Travel Health Treatments, Information & Advice - Travel health is a very important part of planning any trip. When traveling you need to consider health risks: Malaria, diarrhea, nausea & vomiting.
  • Altitude Sickness | Altitude Sickness Treatments, Causes & Symptoms - Altitude Sickness or altitude mountain sickness usually occurs when you are high above sea level, where the air is thinner and there isn’t enough oxygen.

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  • nmcirvin - A True Mobilizer

    Im 54 years old and ruptured my achilles playing basketball 3 weeks ago. I had surgery immediately and was told I would need to keep the weight off of my right foot for 5 weeks. I have used crutches before but my doc had told me to try this out. Its an incredible product and provides me with a lot of freedom that I wouldnt have with crutches. Your hands are free to get around in the house or even do some yard projects (I dug a small ditch for our sprinklers) You can walk up to the fridge, grab a drink, make lunch, walk up and down stairs, or hold a cup of coffee while going somewhere. Its truly a mobilizer for me. Its allowing me to go to the health club and work out my upper body and other leg so that I dont get too much out of shape and so that I dont go stir crazy!

  • Sarah Hyde - Awesome tool for any parent to have.

    Good thermometer for the whole family. I love the fact that you don't have to touch the skin with this so I can see if the baby has a fever while he is sleeping. My daughter loves the fact she doesn't have to sit there with the thermometer under her arm any more. I only wish I would have bought one sooner would have saved a lot of time and miss readings. My new favorite thing in the medicine cabinet!