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Toxoplasma research in the Saeij lab - Toxoplasma is an important foodborne pathogen. We study Toxoplasma strain differences in virulence and host differences in resistance.

  • Toxoplasma research in the Saeij lab » Toxoplasma Research - 1) Toxoplasma proteins that modulate the immune response. 2) Toxoplasma proteins that modulate host signaling pathways 3) Host pathways that influence
  • Toxoplasma research in the Saeij lab » Toxoplasmosis - Toxoplasma gondii causes toxoplasmosis in immunosuppressed patients and pregnant women. This page describes the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Toxoplasma research in the Saeij lab » Opportunities - Come and join the Saeij lab! Unraveling host-pathogen interactions with a great group of people.

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  • prissNtx - Please Dont Waiste your Time/Money

    OK guys. I NEVER write reviews, this is literally my 2nd , maybe 3rd one. But I just had to let potential buyers know PLEASE DO NOT WAIST YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT. My 2 week old disposable razor is more effective and less time consuming. False Advertising should be punishable by monetary consequences and maybe this type of blatant misrepresentation about what a product is capable of would at least improve somewhat. I just hope this will save someone from waisting their hard earned money.

  • DIR Consulting Group - Easy and painless accounting in Mac environment

    I am not an accountant but need to keep the financials for some non-profits and my own business. Using Quickbooks for Mac allows me the integration and ease I need in a Mac environment. Thanks to QB for continuing to improve the product every year!

  • Judy G. Seale - Waste of money!

    VERY disappointed. After waiting for more than a month for the item to arrive, it sucks. Unless you are in the same room with the "lost" item, you can't hear the signal. It's like playing a game of "hot and cold" with your iphone trying to locate lost keys. Don't waste your money on this device. I ordered one with the plan to order dozens more for Christmas. Won't be purchasing any more of this item.

  • Keylyme - Allergic Reaction to non-sensitive skin

    My skin turned bright red around my nose and mouth moments after applying. My skin is normally not sensitive. I wash my face with Avalon Vitamin C liquid face wash, part of the same line, which does not bother my skin. I'm not sure which ingredient causes this reaction. Apparently I'm not alone!

  • Denise - LLOOVVVEEE

    I've been using this product forever. I love how it makes my hair look silky. I style my hair everyday with heat tools and people always say how soft and healthy my hair looks. I owe it all to this product. It last a long time for me because I only use one pump every time. You save so much money buying it on amazon than in the store.