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101 lct | Peerless LCD Mount LCT-101 - 101 lct: Peerless LCT-101 desktop articulating mount for 10 to 22 inch screens up to 25 lbs, compatible with VESA 75/100 mm adapter plate. It lifts, lowers, tilts, swivels,.

  • http://101-lct.onlinet.top/Peerless+LCD+Mount+LCTminsi101 Peerless LCT-101 LCD Desktop Articulating Monitor Mount - Peerless LCT-101 desktop articulating mount for 10 to 22 inch screens up to 25 lbs, compatible It lifts, lowers, tilts, swivels, swings and extends an LCD screen..
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  • Flavio R. Beall - Worth the money...

    The highest point is the landing gear swith with lights. The size of the set is ok (very close to a real panel). The only two CONS are the impossibility to reassign the magnetos and cowl flaps switches that become inoperant when flying jets. Maybe a new firmware could solve this... Worth the money anyway for those seeeking for a more real sim.

  • Lisa Schulze - great bike

    My 13 yr.-old son put t together pretty quickly and loves it! I would recommend it to other kids his age.