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  • V. Smith - Just a Little Too Light-hearted

    As much as I enjoy Craig Johnson's "Longmire" books (and I've read them all), this one is just a little bit too much tongue-in-cheek. The plot was good, even though it was obvious from the get-go who the villain was, but in "An Obvious Fact" Johnson's tongue has just about bored a hole through his cheek. I'd hate to see him follow the path of James Doss who wrote the Charlie Moon mysteries. Doss's first books were good reads but somewhere along the way he got off track with the humor of it all, and the series went downhill. His last books were not his best work. Johnson is a good writer but considering the discoveries, etc. in this story, his approach is just a little too light-hearted. His characters deserve more from their author.

  • JohnWells - Great Game

    One of the best BFs out there. Im a bit disappointed with Amazon as there are several fake one star reviews that are obvously not accurate. This really is a well put together game which so far I have really enjoyed.