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DRUGStore Pharmacy-The Real Canadian Superstore, 1035 GATEWAY RD, Winnipeg Rossmere - DRUGStore Pharmacy-The Real Canadian Superstore, 1035 GATEWAY RD, Rossmere Winnipeg MB Canadian Food Store

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  • Roger - Cold sore

    Its been 30 or 35 yrs since I last had one of these sores and this product was not around then I don't recall it there was a medicine that did help but don't recall its name now but this stuff worked in a few days it was 100% better and in less then 10 days totally gone ..Greast stuff for me anyways worked as well as the old prescription I used to get from a Dr. back in the 70's and 60's I used to get them every few yrs when younger and under lots more stress . And I'd never heard of this until I felt that tingle a few months back saw this product and gave it a try .. worked like a charm..

  • M. Hewitt - Great purchase from Amazon

    I don't think you can find these in stores for this price, so getting them from Amazon is a great deal! I like to keep these on hand in case a urinary tract infection pops up. These do an amazing job of relieving the pain and discomfort of UTIs.

  • Pikkin - but it is fun trying to dance to them

    Bought this on a whim for my kids (10, 8 and 4). now my husband and I use it too. granted I am not a lover of these pop songs, but it is fun trying to dance to them. My 8 year old loves challenging us (even with a broken arm). My youngest can still keep up and beat us on 'Let it go".

  • Amazon Customer - Seriously. Awesome.

    I have owned the PSVR for about a week when it was launched, because I had extra spending money and it sounded intriguing. I came into the experience skeptical of VR and expecting to see some cool things, but not be entirely blown away. After playing around 5 different games and testing out some videos, I can say that VR SHOULD be the future.

  • RWmccurdy - Good value for entry level

    This is a good value for the infancy of this technology. Wireless ear buds are just starting to hit the mainstream with a variety of different brands and kick starter campaigns. For an entry level set of wireless ear buds these are not bad. Sound quality is good and they do not stick out of your ear an excessive amount when wearing them. In real time battery usage I was able to squeeze out about 5 hours of usage, which is on the low side of most wireless ear buds, but acceptable. The two areas where I knocked off some stars were the unstable Bluetooth connection and proprietary charging cable. These two things are crucial for two reasons. It is not enjoyable to listen to music that drops every few minutes and having a proprietary charging cable means that if you lose the charging cable you will have to by a brand new set of earbuds. I can understand having to take some shortcuts with the cheap plastic build of the ear buds to bring the price down. However, a stable Bluetooth connection and a more universal charging method are fundamental to having a good set of wireless earbuds.