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  • Kevin F Frankenfield - What I've been waiting for.

    This is an album I was expecting from Lady Gaga, after hearing her pre-gaga stuff on YouTube. I didn't expect it so soon. She always impressed me with her talent, and this show cases her singer-songwriter abilities. I read a review comparing to Stevie Nicks', Bella Donna. When a friend of mine walked in while I was playing a track, he thought he was hearing a Stevie Nicks song. When he heard the others, he asked who was the singer after Stevie. I explainef it was all Lady Gaga, and he was impressed. Very listenable album, with one weak spot. Great work!!! If you're expecting dance music, then you might be disappointed. I played the total album through immediately after the first time, to see if I really liked as much as I did. I can say, it proved to me to be a quality album.

  • A. Bosch - Worth trying

    Bought this twice. Worked the first time on one car, but did not work the second time on another. Either way, was worth the money to see if it would work. First car is still running good and its been 3 months now.

  • capn sticky - Easy to Use, Does the Job

    The download and installation worked well. The price is reasonable and the software does everything needed for my personal income taxes. I e-filed for two relatives also (5 e-files included.) I feel that a desktop computer with my own copy of onboard software is more secure than using a website. I keep my copy of the returns locally, and the data is only passed through Block to the IRS. It is still possible for someone to file a spoofed return, but there is no software-company website login where the ID thief could login to see all my records. There is an additional e-filing requirement now - a driver's license number. This seems reasonable, as the SSN and AGI numbers are too easy to obtain (especially if someone gets access to last year's filing.) I have been using TaxCut/H&R Block for many years and have no complaints. I don't bother with State as my state tax is fairly simple and the fill-in forms are all available free on the state site. I also have no interest in the 10% bonus on the refund - it is a store credit and it seems like a lot of hoops to jump through for a rather inconvenient bonus.

  • Pookie - This book has a lot of info to read. ...

    This book has a lot of info to read. You have to cut your sugar and carb intake. This book will give you a lot of ideas to use but, it's up to you to change your eating habits. If your looking for short cuts you will not find them in a book or diet. It takes a life style change in what and how much you eat!!!

  • Puddlejumper - Strong smell

    I gave it three stars, as I really could not say if it works or not. For me it has such a strong smell, kind of minty , makes my face tingle slightly that I decided for the high price it was not worth it.