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  • Grandpa1676 - Fantastic Coverage

    This book is well written and is very easy to follow. Both for the novice user and advance. There is quality information for both. I have been programming since the old school days (pascal, cobol, fortran, c, c++ and of course basic). This book simplifies programming and has you up and running in no time ready to add all the bells and whistles to your finished product. Well done Matthew MacDonald and staff for a textbook very well written.

  • DarthCaedus - Good way to get back into Magic for cheap!

    I gave all my old cards to my brother a few years ago, and recently bought this toolkit for a mere $20. I have a coworker that insisted I get back into it so we could play. I sadly didn't get any mythic rare cards at all, but its still a good chunk of cards for the price! I also recently bought a fatpack as well. I'd recommend this to anyone getting back into magic, or trying to keep up with the standard tournament play, as each block rotates out over time. I'm only giving it 4 stars however, because I didn't receive any mythics. :(

  • BatteryOne - Suggest not buying if upgrading from earlier product

    Horrible product. Trying to upgrade from prior version. Kept getting same errors - even with a few HOURS on the phone with their tech support. Fortunately I had a full disc backup available - or would have had serious computer problems. I recommend avoiding - for an upgrade - if you can do without the online banking part. That was the only reason I needed it - because Intuit refuses to let you keep your existing software in full working condition. Very consumer not friendly. Sorry to say.