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  • Misty p Harris - ... and I still have it and it is the best bike I have just like I say ride kink ...

    I got this bmx bike a long time ago and I still have it and it is the best bike I have just like I say ride kink or ride nothing

  • Jeremy Demoro - BEST THING EVER!!!!

    To everyone giving this a less than 5 star review, please show me a better robot toy.......I'll wait.......

  • Esouth - I love board games

    Great price. Classic game. Good times to be had by all. I bought this game for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. If you are not familiar with this game you can have up to four players. Each player has to move the spots allotted by their roll each turn. If another player lands in the same spot as another player the other players price gets put back to the beginning. Hense the name sorry. That is the whole fun of the game, getting to say sorry as you move their piece back to the beginning. This game is very easy to play and it does not take a whole lot of time like monopoly. If you are competitive, I suggest this game.

  • ashley - From Challenge to Outcast in less than two pounds.

    I originally bought a large bag of these at a local market after a diabetic friend moved into a new apartment and the house warming party was mostly "bring him food so the poor bachelor doesn't starve" based.

  • Tried n True - rain proof bag, weather proof bag

    Love the weather protection of this bag--BUT some of the better parts of the design was skimmed: the removable-directional-spinning-snap-hook (I don't know what else to call it) strap was removed from this design making this bag stiff hanging and rigid hanging; every movement of the bag causes the strap to slide off your shoulders--the spinning hook strap would have adjust with your body movement to provide some slack (reduce the tension) between strap and bag thus offering some stability, and the strap is too thick. The fixed strap acts like an arm without an elbow making the carry-along-movement stiff. I love the size--it is perfect, not too small and not too big. This bag could be a 5 star if it had the removable-directional-spinning-hook-strap and a less wide strap. I'm waiting for Timbuk2 to make these adjustments so I can purchase my 5th Timbuk2 bag!!! I don't need to TSA outside laptop compartment--I like this one where I can put it inside for every day use.

  • travelheaven - Surprisingly well made for a relatively inexpensive costume -- it ...

    Surprisingly well made for a relatively inexpensive costume -- it has a substantial weight and feel to it, and it fits as expected. I haven't worn it yet, but I don't expect it to have issues when I do. I will put an additional petticoat under it for even more volume (because I have it), but the one that comes attached is also decent. The only difference I've seen between the photo and the actual item is that my laced bodice goes straight across and does not arch up under the bust in a point as the photo shows, but it's a small detail. I'm pleasantly surprised overall.

  • pastor daniel adams - its good

    I been using this app for over a year and not one problems with it blocks calls and text like it is supposed to but it's due for a update