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Country:, North America, US

City: -96.8217 Texas, United States

  • Steve - This was a great starter for me

    I always wanted to get into this game, but never really knew where to start. This was a great starter for me, and the family. It got my son weened off of Pokemon. I only spent a few extra dollars on some land cards to make 5 complete decks so we could all learn and have 5 balanced decks.

  • Megan - Highly recommended and definitely get this one.

    Very impressed with this item gives a very good and fast charge. Now i can use my phone for whole day.

  • Lois Marie - Works, but not as well as exercising

    I work out about 3 times a week, and usually include about 5-10 minutes of ab exercises. In investigating this product, I found that the research done on it (University of Wisconsin and a college in Ireland) showed that when used 5 times per week for 40 minutes each time, it improved strength about as much as 5X 5-minutes of crunches. The research was conducted, however, using people who had been doing no exercise whatsoever. This product seems to be designed for the bedridden or people with back problems, to give them an option for ab exercising that they wouldn't have otherwise. I experienced no ab soreness at all after using it at 80 (maximum is 99) for 40 minutes. I did find, though, that if I use it at 99 for an hour at a time on a couple consecutive days, I do feel some soreness. The experience is intense, but not unpleasant, so I've decided to keep it as a supplement to my workout program. For most people, though, I would think you would prefer doing 5 minutes of ab exercises a few times a week for the same or better results. Worth a try, though, to see for yourself.

  • T&C - okay bike, not what I expected

    The bike was shipped and delivered as expected. Assembly was fairly easy but no instructions. The quality of the parts are just fair. The gold on the rims wears off when braking. Overall a decent bike but I wouldn't highly recommend it.

  • R. Austin - Thought it was great, until my face revolted

    I have sensitive dry skin with mild rosacea and was looking for something that could scrub off the dead dry skin but not irritate my face too much. I started using this and was initially happy with the results. It worked well and left my skin feeling clean and dead skin free. About 4 or 5 uses in, everything changed. My skin broke out into this weird texture. I had tiny skin-colored little bumps all over my face and my face felt like sand paper. I've never seen my skin do this before. Everywhere I had used this scrub was bumpy and irritated. My skin wasn't red but it felt like it was crawling and very irritated. I immediately stopped using this and after a week or so of just water, my skin finally started to clear up.

  • Jenn - Worked exactly as described

    We had to fumble around a little bit to figure out which end fit onto which end of the vehicle, but with some trial and error got it right. Overall pretty simple to install, there are NOT directions so be prepared to just figure it out. Worked perfectly and my friend who works at a Honda dealer said they look identical to the actual Honda brand racks. I'd recommend to a friend for sure.

  • Richard - Yet another review

    I bought this book to support Athol as I really enjoy his website. I had it sitting for a few days until I could find some reading time. Well my wife was intrigued by the cover and began reading. She came to me with a very positive response - she said it covered exactly why our marriage was failing a while back and that it made her realize why we acted like we did. Amusingly, she said Athol sounded like a jerk in a lot of it, but that she understands his position. In other words, he's PC-free and the truth comes through whether you like it or not. I'm about half way through it right now. So far the best part is that Athol lays out solid reasons for why it is so beneficial to grow yourself as a man and how it will affect your relationships - married or not. I struggle to do things without a purpose. Athol helped me discover the purpose to make the changes I've been needing to make. He's not selling tricks or gimmicks - just a realistic view of the world and a foundation to grow yourself upon. Plus, we all know someone (or some couple) to whom we can give this book to when we're done with it.