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  • T. Williams - As efficient and helpful as in previous years

    I had no problems with this software. It walked me through my eventful year: an interstate move, new job, home purchase, several charitable donations... I filed my return with absolutely no issues.

  • L. A. mitchell - The berry flavored taste much much better. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 27 years

    The berry flavored taste much much better. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 27 years. Since taking The Greens, I have had minimal to no pain. When you live with pain for 27 years it is amazing to have a product that helps. I am not a distributor only a customer. I have nothing to gain by saying the product works. but, it really does! I am amazed. I also feel so much better. I feel healthier and my complection is better as well.

  • Rhonda - Absolutely loved this Book!!!

    The Revolution by S.L. Scott.... OMG!!! I absolutely loved this book, it is so full of emotion and perfectly written. Kaz the perfect man loving, hot, rocker and so sweet, can you say new book boyfriend. I enjoyed watching the story unfold between Kaz and Lara. S.L. Scott know how to suck us the reader, into the story and we are feeling the emotion with the characters. This is a must read!! I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

  • Genevieve Wyatt - good antivirus program

    I had this program on another computer which need to be fix after a crash. The program did a fine job for the price which was cheaper than other antivirus program. I buy another McAfee antivirus program for this computer at Walmart during their Black Friday sale.

  • Essodonda Telou - This is the only product that actually helped reduce my ...

    This is the only product that actually helped reduce my ingrown hairs after years....I still suffer from ingrown hair but the bumps have been greatly reduced since starting the use of this product. I'll also mention that I use Witch Hazel before finding this product.

  • Dr. Tubby Gooberman - Horrible Skin Reaction

    After about 6 hrs on the back of my knee, in cool weather taking it easy (out of necessity), the thing started itching so bad I had to take it off. Although it demanded to be rubbed a bit, I certainly never rubbed or scratched to anywhere in the vicinity of raw. Seriously. I was at home convalescing so I simply got up, walked in the BR and put it on. I had to dose it in cortisone to keep from scratching it. After that, I never touched it. But not because of the cortisone. As the first slather of OTC cortisone cream wore off a few hours later, It started burning. Like a bad chemical burn. I had to continue the application of Cortisone from the time of the application of the SINGLE salon paz patch in early January through March and into May. Everyday, 3 times a day. I can still see the outline of the burn.