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  • Kelley Jacobson - Fun for the kids

    If you're in the market for a BIG, fun, tactile calendar that the kids will get a kick out of, then look no further. This calendar is large, quirky, and a fine addition to anyone's kitchen. The only notable downside is that the popped bubbles are not very visually distinguishable from the unpopped ones. Keep in mind that the design of this calendar does not allow you to write anywhere on it. If you need to write notes on your calendar, you'd be better off going with a more traditional one. Recommended for anyone looking for something a bit different. I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

  • piash - its ok

    its a ok product nt that good its ok for regular use but not gd when yu downloading stuff it makes the pc slow sometime

  • Roy H. Andes - Best antivirus I've ever used

    I've been computing since DOS, and have burned through an awful lot of software in that time, including utilities like anti-virus. I've used all the big ones and some lesser ones, too. Webroot Antivirus has to rank as THE BEST. Start with ease of installation. Then, when running, I quickly noted its simplicity of interface, smoothness of operation running in background, the quickness and almost perfect transparency of its scans, and its fully intelligible reports. Most of all, however, were the smack-on results it gave me. Which requires me to relate an abbreviated story: For over a year my home PC, running Vista, had been subject to irregular, and annoyingly frequent freezing of the screen and all input devices, sometimes once a week, more often three or four times per day. Over many months, I painstakingly researched the possible causes, and one by one eliminated them, with no success. I was all ready to strip out Vista and migrate to 7, when my former top-rated anti-virus subscription ran out. I decided to try Webroot, because it was less expensive, and well recommended. Immediately on installing Webroot and performing the first scan, it detected hundreds of malware, spyware, etc. that my big name-brand anti-virus hadn't. Best of all, the freeze-ups vanished, and NEVER returned. It's been several months, and not only is my PC free of freeze-ups, my wife swears it does everything faster that when it was new. Webroot, we're fans. Keep up the good work.

  • sharilyn michaels - So far, so good.

    I just purchased mine but I really like it. I am postmenopausal and have to pluck upper lip and around my chin and neck. This worked beautifully on my upper lip and the other areas. I am going to tell my sister and my friends about it. I can't imagine what the one reviewer was doing to break hers twice. With care I hope to keep mine working great. I also appreciate seeing the phone # for getting replacement blades.

  • masterbeeb - Ingenious solution to ink frustration... Well worth the investment!

    Just brought this baby home last week. My husband and I LOVE this printer! So happy that I won't have to deal with changing out ink for 2+ years. With the amount of pages we print, we'll probably be able to stretch this supertank of ink out for 3-4 years without refilling... which is AWESOME. Print quality is good - just what we need. Really happy that Epson came up with this ingenious solution to the hassle of changing out ink cartridges. Well worth the investment.