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  • Enya - Just awful!

    I had Kaspersky for several years, and naturally I turned to them again when it was time to renew. This time around, it's really awful!

  • David Shenton - SO much better than a Dyson

    I have had a Dyson for years and I have been happy with it. But a year ago, we moved into a three story home. And the Dyson is quite frankly, a bit heavy to lug around. With very little research I recently bought this Shark on kind of an impulse. It weighs probably 2/3 less than the Dyson. I now keep the Dyson upstairs and use the Shark on the level with the family room, living room, etc. It's great for carpet and hardwood floors. I used it on a carpet that I had vacuumed the day before with my Dyson and it got a disturbing amount of material up from my carpet. Plus, the lift away feature is AWESOME compared to my Dyson. It's phenomenal for going out into the garage and getting the car interiors. So light and easy to use. The fact that this was less than half the price of the Dyson is staggering to me. For the record, I am a guy, and this thing has me looking forward to vacuuming--almost. But I am also a parent. And this thing is so light, that my little kids can use it without me worrying about them clunking it into furniture (the way I do with the Dyson). I know this isn't the most organized review, but if you are looking at this as an alternative to the Dyson, BUY IT. You will not regret it.

  • Lynda Rider Lacasse - I thought this was a fairly good read, and I liked the main characters.

    I thought this was a fairly good read. Not one of those ' can't put it down' books though. I got a little lost in places trying to keep the characters straight.

  • raven stone - laser comb

    This product works. One should expect mild hair growth in the crown area at best but markedly thickened hair. I have some thinned areas which were showing through revealing my scalp but were covered after using the laser comb. It also works well after hair transplants to thicken and color new growth. I've had 4 transplants and this is a nice adjunct. One can complete a treatment in 10 minutes easily. I suspect those that take longer are overlapping treatment and/or not spacing each movement far enough apart.

  • Thomas Evanov - phone or stereo the sound cracks and is horrible. As a phone it works pretty good

    First let me say the picture shows the device facing you with the aux plug facing away, but that's not how it comes. It's backwards. I forced it to rotate 180 degrees and it works as advertised now. Music streamed from my phone is very low volume and when turned up at the device, phone or stereo the sound cracks and is horrible. As a phone it works pretty good. I had a different brand last time and will get that one again when this one dies or I tire of it. I love how it speaks in Korean when you connect, cool. I wouldn't recommend this at the $30 dollar price tag.

  • Eliza - Install issue with rear facing.

    After two infant car seats(graco clickconnect 35 & Maxi Cosi leila travel system) and a convertable car seat (Britain Boulevard g3), I was certain a machine washable AND dryable was a MUST. I wasn't too concerned about installation since I was able to install all the other seats without issue. Turns out I should've taken a closer look at the latch on the Pria 70.

  • Asianista - Love it!

    I got this pen 3 months ago and I love it! It's pretty to look at, nice to hold, just the right size, nice to write with, I am left handed and it works just fine. It's feminine enough without flowers and other 'girly' notes, and it just screams 'professional' when you take it out of your briefcase to sign a contract! I might start collecting these...