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  • Anthony - This liquid form chalk works just as well as normal ...

    This liquid form chalk works just as well as normal chalk, when power lifting or lifting weights in general, but much less messier. I've used this for heavy deadlifts and also applying the product to the back of my shirt when performing squats; the product performed perfectly for both scenarios. I've gone through many of this product over the past year and will definitely will make more future purchases of this product.

  • Gwen - Rip off

    I purchased this software for 92.91. After a series of attempts to download, I was taken to an expired page about 3 times. I will be calling my credit card company to put a stop on the payment. If this is no longer available for download, why doesn't Amazon remove this? I got nothing but frustration for nearly $100.

  • Grisha - We always use his books when in Europe

    We always use his books when in Europe - well researched and mostly match our actual impression. Food recommendations were very good.

  • Jack - Hallmark Cards Deluxe 2013

    I have used various versions of Hallmark Cards for many, many years. Friendly, easy to use software, so went ahead and upgraded to newest version - YAH, RIGHT!

  • Michelle - Helps with my IBS

    So this review will be very TMI. If you don't like poop talk (why are you here anyway then?) don't read this review.

  • Mr.Mike - Better than the competition.

    Now this stuff just works so much better than that blue stuff. Gets off bugs, wax and all sorts of road grime. It works great after a long trip to remove all the bugs that have piled up. I have also been really happy using to spring clean outside windows on the house that use to take multiple passes with the other stuff I can complete in one with Invisible Glass. I've been surprised since I wasn't expecting much of a difference.