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  • Kristen N. - Overpowering perfumed smell!

    I used these initially when my baby was born and the smell of their fragrance didn't bother me much at the time. We went away and began using huggies since we had been gifted many boxes of it. I decided to try this out because of a coupon, and my husband request to get a diaper that had he wetness indicator (we used buggies movers for a short time which doesn't have on) But, this most recent box is just overpowering!!

  • anna - I feel like im in Love lol- i feel like advertising this product 😂😂

    I was searching all over for something that defined my coarse 4a hair and did not leave flakes or hardness. After using eco styler gel, my curls were defined but very hard. So i used cantu shea butter define and shine custard. That left my hair hard and FLAKYYYY! So I took a trip to family dollar to get an eco styler gel with less hold. When i went to two family dollars and did not find any luck with my search, i turned to the other products on the shelf. I took a leap of faith and spent $5 buying this product and after one use, i can declare this to be my first staple product. It left my hair soft, NO FLAKES-and i used a lot-, and my curls defined the whole day. A wash and go is all i do now. Please give it a try and i LOVE the smell too

  • Bank of America - the cd's are great, but

    I bought this, and yes, the cd's are great, but.......... for some reason, I cannot get the video to play on my Sony blu-ray player here in the U.S. States.

  • Natalie M. - Safe and convenient; a few minor flaws

    UPDATE 07/2016: very disappointed in the material. It was advertised as moisture wicking and my son's shirts are so wet I can actually wring them. They feel like I just got them out of the washing machine. This wasn't a problem when the weather was still cool, but now I have to bring spare tee shirts for him. Going back to using Clek Fllo. It's heavy and bulky, but it keeps my kid dry.

  • E. Brefka - Works For Me

    I have extensive problems sleeping well through the night but usually shy away from taking anything to help. I've been on Ambien before but don't like the time and expense of having to see a doctor to get it, and I've used Advil PM when I was desperate. Yes, I knew when I bought this product that the active ingredient is diphenhydramine - I read the ingredients list. I liked that the product is available in a liquid for ease of use and because it should help the body absorb it faster. (I have never found Benadryl to work for me - either for allergies or sleep - I don't know why - but I trained as a pharmacy technician for 18 months and held the PhT certification for some time, and pharmacists can advise that the same products don't work exactly the same way for all people.) The ZzzQuil is working for me - it kicks in quickly, gives me a restful night's sleep, and I wake up at my regular time in the morning (less an alarm) with no fuzzy or drowsy effect. I've been using it for a week and feel more rested than I have in some time. If it doesn't work for you - then discontinue it and don't purchase more. If Benadryl works for you - stick with it. In my case, I'm pleased with the convenience and effectiveness of the ZzzQuil and intend to continue using it - not every single night - but definitely on those nights I know I'll have trouble getting to and staying to sleep.

  • Amazon Customer - ... this costume one-star because Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves-but it doesn't have to be at ...

    I'm giving this costume one-star because Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves-but it doesn't have to be at the expense of cultures, histories and entire traditions. If you want to celebrate the Day of the Dead I recommend learning more about it and it's meaning, instead of wearing it as a costume because you think it looks cool.

  • Graham P. Gerdeman - Bad skin reaction

    I purchased the Seresto collar for large dogs for my greyhound, Bunny, at the strong recommendation of my veterinarian. Frontline and Advantix have both stopped working for flea control in my area (Nashville, TN). While they still work for ticks, our greyhound is always very itchy after we apply it - (we know that she has sensitive skin already). I have never liked flea collars, but this product appears to be very different from traditional flea collars.