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  • kerrya - Read the reviews carefully & read my update for better experience !

    Ohhh I wished I thoroughly read through more reviews before purchasing this unwieldy beast of a blender ! While I agree with most reviewers that it crushes ice incredibly well, it has little to be desired in terms of blending a good smoothie. If you don't add enough liquid, then it literally does nothing; then, when you have to add more liquid, the end result is a very watery, dissatisfying "slushy" (because it no longer qualifies for a smoothie !). The blades terrify me. Should have hung in there with my cheap yet reliable Oster.

  • Hildrele - I think these actually work, but they contain titanium ...

    I think these actually work, but they contain titanium dioxide, a known carcinogen. It's used as a filler.