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  • Anon - Not for my hair type

    I used this in conjunction with the recommended same brand shampoo/conditioner and used a hand-dryer to harden. My hair is usually very frizzy, breaks very easily, sheds constantly and has split ends. After using this my hair was more tangly and got creases from my flat-iron and seemed more brittle, though after I washed it again it has seemed to calm down. I don't know if my less than stellar results are because of my hair type since it is also very dry or the hand-dryer. I do like the other products by this brand however I think next I will try a keratin treatment instead and see what those effects will be.

  • John - the system to get

    I own both Xbox One and PS4, and PS4 is just funner IMO. The games look better, run better, and load quicker compared to X1. Xbox one is still a very playable console though. But if you're looking for the best system to play multiplatform titles on, this is the one to get. It's $100 cheaper and runs games better. Compare some multiplatform games on X1 and PS4 and the PS4 version always is superior. Usually with a higher framerate and resolution.

  • Adele Montana - Nifty little manual coffee "maker"

    I got this because I broke my single serve Black and Decker coffee maker when it was still new and didn't want to shell out much money to replace it so soon. I saw this and thought, what the heck, but didn't expect much. It was an "add-on" item through Prime. Wow! It works great for a quick cup of coffee in the morning. Just put the coffee in the net basket and pour hot water through it into the cup. I wait a few minutes, then squeeze out the remaining brewed coffee, and set it aside to dry out so I can shake the grounds into the trash or my garden later. The coffee that results is very decent. I'm quite happy I got this and may get another. It collapses flat for storage or traveling, and it's very well made.

  • coolwizkid - Bright (when charged) and good motion sensing lights

    I have a manual electric lights near my garage door and wanted to have an motion sensor lights. Found these and I must say these are really good and bright lights. Here below I have mentioned my findings in the form of PROS and CONS. Hope this helps you figure if this product is best for your.

  • Violet Frosting - This smells so good, I can't even describe it

    This smells so good, I can't even describe it. Sweet candy , lemons, happyness. I hope there will be more products with this scent.I would love a body spray, or even room spray and candles with this scent.

  • Robert B. Killian - and I have come to absolutely hate it. The straps and buckle are incredibly difficult ...

    I bought this seat from a local boutique, and I have come to absolutely hate it. The straps and buckle are incredibly difficult to adjust, and I can't really get a proper fit. We've re-read the manual, have re-installed the seat, etc., but we cannot figure out why the straps won't adjust properly. I ended up going back to my Orbit toddler car seat, which has its own issues, but at least I could strap my son in properly.