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  • Jennifer Joann - This product helped increase my supply when I was struggling ...

    This product helped increase my supply when I was struggling. It does give my LO gas, but not gas that bothers him. I went from pumping an average of one ounce to pumping an average of 2.5-3oz, so it definitely worked for me! It is expensive but so is formula, and personally, I would rather spend the money on this than on more formula.

  • Max Power - Blue board constantly breaks for this 170 lbs guy.

    UPDATE: I recently switched my blue board for a different color and it is holding up much better. I was told that the blue board had a bad batch in the beginning of production. I have updated my rating of the product to reflect this.

  • M. Steen - Not What I thought I'd ordered

    I've used Deluxe for years and like it. However, I thought I was buying the package with the state program included, didn't discover my mistake until I began to use it. Now, I'm really messed up. The state program is relatively expensive (more than I can afford on top of this purchase), and if I e-file using what I purchased, I can't use any of the available free file programs to file my state because they all require filing both federal and state at once. I AM VERY FRUSTRATED!

  • G. Mattek - Nice and easy

    I haven't used the book at all (maybe I'll get around to paging through it some day), but the software made an otherwise arduous task into something that took maybe an hour altogether.

  • SunshineAZ - Great product and great service

    I lost 10 lbs in one week and I love this product. I have struggled for years and saw the video and could not pass it up. thanks for such prompt service