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  • Laer Pearce - this is the best one. Easy to learn and does a great ...

    I have been trying to find a floor plan program that I could, one, operate with ease, to get ideas for a remodel for my home. After trying out 3 others, this is the best one. Easy to learn and does a great job! Thank you for making this program available to buy! Beth Pearce

  • Dale Reardon - A really comprehensive book about Champagne, the wine and the region in an easy reading style

    This is a really comprehensive book and all the champagnes have been tasted recently. I have tried a lot of the champagnes and agree with Tyson's rankings. I bought the previous edition as well so glad to get hold of this updated version. Really recommend buying the book if you want to know more about champagne, the wines and the region. I also really like Tyson's writing style - it is very detailed and gives you all the information about champagne without being snobby or pretentious.

  • Leon Weidmann - Bought it for the title song

    Band is better than I remembered as a kid. I went in for surgery last winter and they had me about half sedated as I was going to the or and I kept singing the song until they sedated me all the way.

  • Maisie Leach - This vitamin gave me terrible, ongoing headaches

    This vitamin gave me terrible, ongoing headaches. The day I stopped taking them my headache was gone. It did seem to make my nails and hair grow faster but the headaches were unbearable. Plus they have titanium dioxide in them which is a known carcinogen. I will no longer be taking these.

  • Steven M. Holley - Smells Like Vicks Vapo Rub.

    It smells Like Vicks Vapo Rub. Leaves your hair looking very greasy. I'm not sure if it keeps you from losing your hair or not. It looks just as thin now as it did before to me.

  • NICOLE HATCHER - Pool Maintance Kit

    Everything in the kit works great!! Very happy with the purchase! Make cleaning my pool a breeze!!! Would recommend this kit!