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  • Holly - Nothing earth shattering here.

    We've all seen execs at like babies. This book is a reminder of how it works and how it happens. If you've been working for more than 5-10 years, you've got your own stories to share.

  • Flygirl - OUTSTANDING!

    This is probably the best book I've purchased in years that confirms (possibly) some things I've been wondering about! Told my Mom over the last year or so how I noticed there are WAYYYY too many pharmacies going up around the U.S.! Pretty obvious they are making mega bucks off of those of us who have not been taking good care of themselves (myself included)! This book tells of some natural supplements and natural (free) things we can do to better care for ourselves and ideally not be on ANY prescription medications! I am a breast cancer survivor and wish I had this book years ago; had 10 surgeries and so far I'm on only one prescription med; lysinopril for blood pressure. Planning to get off of it; doing my water aerobics (and it reminds us that exercise is a BIG help)! And, I like how it teaches us about milk thistle and a supplement called hawthorne I had never heard of. There are natural supplements to conquer high bp and cholerestrol and etc.; in addition to learning better eating habits. Trying to wean myself from too much sugar; I eat less than i used to but need to keep working on it! I plan to try some of the supplements and love that this prize-winning chemist gives us a lot of good information for good health! My vote would it! :)

  • Blue Shoes Cosplay - ... just recently started pole and a friend of mine recommended this stuff to me

    I just recently started pole and a friend of mine recommended this stuff to me. Originally I was going to buy it in town, but the pole studio was selling it for almost $30. Luckily, I have amazon prime, so this came in super fast and super cheap. It works like a dream :D my hands sweat a lot, so I do have to reapply fairly frequently, but that's no big deal. A little goes a very long way and since you can buy a two pack for pretty cheap, it doesn't bother me.

  • PS2205 - Great Product - very easy to use

    I've used this since May of this year (2013) and have had no trouble at all. It was so easy to install. With that I will add that reaching customer service is very difficult. The product works, but I have not been able to complete activation of secure anywhere. I've emailed and followed the steps but have received not response from Webroot. However, I have also have not taken the time to continue with further follow-up.

  • Em Puckett - The best reasonably priced vacuum I've ever owned!

    I LOVE this vacuum! I picked it especially for the pet attachment and hard floor option and have not been disappointed. It has great suction; in addition to my floors I use it to do my huge sectional all the time and it does an amazing job! I have 3 cats who shed a lot and a new baby just learning to crawl so this thing gets used daily! It's not super light but not terribly heavy. The ONLY drawback for me is that there is not enough places on the vacuum for all the attachments. Not a big deal at all, the long piece stays in the closet and I stick the brush under the handle of the bin. One thing to mention, definitely wash the filters on a regular basis! I thought the vacuum was dying on me when it began making this high-pitched noise and not suctioning well. I was bummed until I realized I needed to wash both filters, and often. Since then no problems!

  • Aneta Staron - I absolutely do not like the smell - I was expecting a nutty

    I absolutely do not like the smell - I was expecting a nutty, earthy, more natural smell. It smells very cheap and strong. I did try it on my hair and not sure if the mask is good or not - I honestly probably will not put it in my hair again because of the smell.

  • Gina Williamson - How can people stomach this?

    I'm a lactose intolerant vegetarian who's trying to become vegan, and I thought I'd give this brand a try because I heard all about how good it is. It's hard to describe how absolutely disgusting this "food" is. It tastes like, and I'm not joking, vomit. It's oddly sweet and bitter at the same time but still manages to overall taste like cardboard, it has a grainy consistency. It leaves a taste in your mouth almost identical to vomit. I threw out the sandwich along with the entire bag.