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  • Dawn Lee - It's so easy!

    Fruit infused water has never been easier! Just cut up some of your favorite fruit, put it in the center infuser tube and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes or longer if you prefer a more intense fruit flavor. I like that the bottle is BPA free. It's also got a snap down lock on it to prevent it from leaking. It's a whopping 32 ounce too. It's got all the bells and whistles.

  • Phishrman - Best stuff around!

    I have an old house and barn that has a lot of trees around it. Moss and mildew has grown on many areas of both buildings. I was hesitant to power wash them because of the possible damage it could cause. I read the reviews about this product and thought it could be a good solution if it actually worked. I bought it and filled up my weed sprayer with the required amount. I then went and applied it to all of the areas that had moss and mildew. I didn't do anything else. Literally the next day I saw the moss and mildew disappearing. As the days went on all of the areas continued to improve until finally it was all gone. It only took about two weeks until it was all gone. It has been four months now and none of the moss or mildew has grown back. There has been no need from me to reapply the product. This stuff is the best!

  • Hopps - Great look on my 4Runner.

    Antenna looks so smooth. Not sure why there is one anyway. I looked all over for a smaller sexier antenna and this showed up time and time again in my searches. They make other antenas as wel...but this is the perfect size. Reception is as normal antenna. Thanks for making my 31in factory 2010 antena disappear.

  • wayne a wilkerson - It really works

    We live in Arizona where the sun will bleach out everything. I applied one coat of recolor on out front door and it looks like a new one.