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  • bryce - Way better than expected for my short haired dogs!

    I'll be honest.. I was not expecting this to really work, and it kinda looks like some sort of medevil torture device! I was up late one night after cleaning a ton that day, and I saw a clump of animal fur blow by in the kitchen.... seriously? how is there that much hair after vacuuming and sweeping and moping??? Granted there are 2 dogs and 2 cats in this house, but that is just ridiculous. Annoyed I went to play on facebook and there was an add for this brush. I wanted amazed at all the fur they were getting off of the animals.. Surely this was the answer to my prayers! I ordered it at 2 am in the morning!

  • Kate B. - Prohibitively Expensive

    My biggest problem with this product is the price. Why are these so expensive? I purchased this because I have a cat that has suddenly been marking around the house and I've had to trap him in our basement, which has just broken my heart. This product is expensive and really didn't seem to help with the problem. I think if the price weren't so high I might really try investing in these more, but it is prohibitively expensive for my family. The liquid only lasts about 2 weeks and you have to basically put one in every room to make any sort of difference. We used these with the Sentry calming collars, which do have a little more of an effect than the diffuser, but neither has solved the marking problem.

  • Terri Charles - Bluetooth works great, and has good range

    This little speaker carries some serious punch! Bluetooth works great, and has good range. Favors the low frequencies, a little weak on the high end, but incredible sound from such a tiny box! The Amazon seller "VicTsing" had the speaker delivered in record time, and it was well packaged and had never been opened (as it was supposed to be). I really couldn't be happier with this experience in any way.

  • Nancysue Rose - con artists

    The $410 I spent on this product line is a reminder to myself that I am not scam-proof as I always thought myself to be. The sales staff at the store used all the cons they could, and it worked, to my shame.